A large cast these days might be 30 or 40 people in some larger musicals like Hairspray, Fame or even Mary Poppins…
Try over 1,200 performers in one cast!
I’ve just finished an epic week of choreography with more than 1200 Queensland state school students coming together at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank, to show Queensland the wealth of talent of today’s youth.
The show they put on was a dynamite collection of high quality singing and dancing performances by the youth with heaps of Queensland entertainment companies jumping on board including VELOCITY DANCE, FLIPSIDE CIRCUS and RAW DANCE COMPANY.
They say that Generation Y & Z have this instant gratification method they live by because of the speed at which they can accomplish things (thanks to technology). But what I was most proud of at this concert spectacular was that these kids didn’t have this lazy mentality… instead, they worked hard, were determined and committed to seeing the hundreds of hours of rehearsals through and making this show a high quality one.
What was also exciting was the blend of primary schools kids, high school students and mentors all being fuelled by the same passion for entertainment, expression and creativity.
Thus, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether you are a Baby Boomer, Gen Y, X or Z – what we really are is the Creative Generation. What we have is our various forms of creativity to unite us and project us into the future. There is no greater time than now to stand together and show the world how we sing and dance, bringing the magic of theatre to life.
A big, fat, cheeky congratulations to everyone involved!
If you missed it, then you can watch the televised version on Sunday 26th September at 2pm on Channel 10.
Logging off..
Callum Mansfield

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