It’s that time DanceLIFER’s– the time to TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF-WARTS AND ALL.
It’s actually not as scary as it sounds and if you keep reading, I’m sure you’ll see for yourself that I’m talking whether or not you have done what I asked of you in my last article and taken the action needed to dig deep into who you are and what you stand for?
Even more than that…Did you write these things down?  Pen to Paper stylin’.
If you did take the time to write down these thoughts– Congratulations–you are in the top 3% of the worlds population who make time for their goals and commit their thoughts into creeds.
A study back in Harvard University back in 1953, saw that the graduating students who wrote down their clear, specific goals and a plan for achieving them, were still kicking those goals years down the track.  They were also found to be happier and healthier than the group that didn’t.
Even more profound was that their counter parts, who hadn’t made that crucial step of writing down their specific goals, weren’t experiencing nearly the amount of success as the first group.

Obviously–writing your goals and intentions is a very powerful thing!

In the last article we looked briefly at the “3-B SYSTEM –BELIEF BRAND AND BUZZ” and how it helped you to create success in your chosen field.  The most crucial part of this system is BELIEF and even though we brushed on it briefly in the last article, I need to reiterate its importance as the key factor AND that starts from within YOU.
I’m a big believer of growing from the INSIDE OUT and NOT the other way around.
It’s easy to find the clothes that you think you’re supposed to wear and the hair colour you think is popular, but if you don’t have the belief system inside yourself to pull it all together and wear your inner confidence on the outside, you’re simply tricking yourself and others into believing you’re something you’re authentically NOT.
And you’re worth more than that, aren’t you?
Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a big believer of the “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” motto but I’m an even bigger believer in “DOING THE WORK” along the way so your insides match your outsides.  You will never meet a person who knows me that will tell you I take the easy way out.  That’s just not my schtick baby.
Where are you at the moment?  Are you walking your walk and talking your talk?
One thing people make the mistake of, in terms of beliefs, is in thinking that they are solid and formed forever.  But, remember those new shoes you bought? The ones that were fresh and clean last year, but are now used and worn?  Well somewhere along the line you stopped believing that they were new and started believing them to be, well, comfortable, right!
You DECIDED that belief. You changed the first belief to another one.
Going a little deeper than shoes, and we must even though shoes are a cool topic, beliefs can either EMPOWER you OR LIMIT you.
I know this all too well as I used to have a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.  Especially in terms of letting myself into the “Singer” Box and not just a “Dancer”.
Some common LIMITING beliefs are…
I’m not good enough.
I don’t fit this role.
I might have to leave someone/everyone behind.
I don’t deserve/I’m not worthy.

All these beliefs add to the self-sabotage and lack of success achieved by my clients when first starting out in coaching.
What are yours? And it’s time to be really honest and open with yourself and nut out what beliefs may be preventing you from having the future that you deserve.
I like to write them out and then tear up the paper as a sign of letting go of the old and IN with the NEW!
And what’s even more cause to celebrate, is you can now replace the old ones with ones that SSN you (Serve, Support, Nurture you).
SERVE you in your life, SUPPORT you to achieve your dreams and NURTURE you to achieve your goals.
You can also add C to that analogy…for CHALLENGE!!! (SSNC)

You may want to change these limiting beliefs for more positive ones like…

I am the BEST performer I know
I love myself for everything I AM and everything I AM NOT
My voice is beautiful and deserving to be heard
I am a strong and powerful dancer
I am at ease with this scene
I love showing my joy to the world
I am capable and worthy
I have something very unique to offer the world
I let my light shine freely and with JOY
Let your mind control the situation and NOT the other way around!!!

One the of the key learning’s I took from my study of coaching and positive psychology is that
“Perception is Projection” and “What you focus on you get to the exclusion of everything else.”
I even have a picture of a girl holding a magnifying glass up on my wall as a reminder of what to focus on.
Your beliefs create your reality and if you’re not getting out there and giving out the good ones…you’re going to be getting results that are  average, inconsistent and even crappy.
In these next few lines I want you to join me in an experiment if that’s ok?
I want you to IMAGINE your perception is like a big dark theatre. Now Imagine you’re standing in that big dark theatre and you’re holding a flashlight. I want you to imagine that the theatre represents all the possibilities and the reality available to you and the flashlight represents your FOCUS.
You focus that flashlight in one corner of the theatre and one corner only…the storage room.
What do you see? Clutter, dust, shelves, mop and bucket. It’s not very exciting.
What if you moved that flashlight to focus on another area?
What other things have you been missing out on seeing?
If you keep your flashlight in the same spot at all times…you get the same results don’t you?  And you think that is all there is.
I wanna ask you… have you thought about all the other possibilities you’re missing out on?
The theatre is a big place you know and you have the choice to move your flashlight to any area, at any time.
Who knows, maybe you’d see the brilliance of the stage, the detail of the red curtains or the gold architecture and feel appreciative because of how beautiful it is.
This is a much better experience than the storeroom, right!
The more you focus on the positives the more you bring more of what you WANT and more of the SUCCESS you desire and deserve.
Now we’ve covered the first ‘B’–BELIEF–in more detail, I told you we would look deeper into leveraging the internet to getting your BRAND known creating BUZZ around you, so here is a quick look into what I’ll be talking about in my next article.
There are 2 steps I use in the “3-B SYSTEM- BELIEF, BRAND AND BUZZ” to leveraging the internet.  The first is using SOCIAL MEDIA to CONNECT–CONNECT–CONNECT and second is to create or have someone create for you a simple and effective WEBSITE.
Have you got a Facebook page yet?   And I know the answer is yes, but not one of those private pages with crazy pictures of you at your best friends birthday or hanging out at the beach, I mean a professional page where you can showcase your professional pictures, the performances you are proud of and the times and dates of when people can next see you performing.  We will uncover how ‘friending’ as many people as possible is not a successful strategy for getting more ‘Fans’ and how it is wasting your time.
How about a Twitter profile?  A lot of people tell me they “don’t get” the use of Twitter but I will reveal in my next article the benefits of ‘tweeting’ and how it can be done in less than 10 minutes a day.
I can’t wait to uncover for you more to leveraging the internet so stay tuned for the next article in where I will uncover the secrets to an even more successful social presence and the benefits behind holding your own website domain name.
Let me know some personal examples you have of using your mind to create the results you want in your life.  I know you’ve all done it, so feel free to write me and share your successes with the world.  Find more of my blog posts at and join my growing mailing list of successful people just like you.
Over and out
Rebecca Grennan
Performer and Performance Coach
c/ Stage 2 Coaching Group

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