ASK THE PHYSIO | The Pyramid of Performance

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The Pyramid of Performance Stacking the Right Elements to be a Peak Performer by Sally Harrison from Band-ITS & Strength4Dance We’ve heard the expression “practice makes perfect.”  But have you ever found that no matter how hard you try, or how many times you repeat something, it j… Read Article


Health & Wellbeing
Getting the most from your feet … a 10 minute program that your feet will love by Sally Harrison from Perfect Form Physiotherapy Your feet are the primary connection with your body to the ground, and therefore, information about your external environment. Even under normal circu… Read Article

Ask the physio … Posture!

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Why is posture so important? Good standing posture enables the body to effectively deal with the ever-present forces of gravity and ground reaction forces. When the body is well balanced and ‘stacked’, our muscles and joints will be at their optimal tension and our stability muscles ca… Read Article

Ask The Physio …. What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement?

What Is Anterior Ankle Impingement?What is Anterior Ankle Impingement? “Impingement” of the ankle refers to pain and dysfunction at the ankle which can occur at the front (anterior) or at the back of the ankle (posterior). ‘’Impingement” means “to hit against” or “to come in contact wi… Read Article
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ASK THE PHYSIO … Strained Muscles!

Health & Wellbeing
A strained muscle, how to recognise and treat … by Sally Harrison, Perfect Form Physio A strained muscle is a very common injury amongst those with a highly active life. Although our muscles can withstand a lot of physical demands sometimes if the muscle is overloaded and unable to… Read Article
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ASK THE PHYSIO … Warm Up & Cool Down

The Importance of warm up and cool down The warm up………. Warm up and cool down are essential parts of any class and pre / post performance routine. An adequate and tailored warm-up / cool down are also integral for injury prevention and muscle recovery. Cast your mind back to your last class,… Read Article

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