Stephen Tannos – Three New Dance Films

The dynamic Stephen Tannos is seeking to boost the dance industry in Australia by producing three new filmed works supporting and employing local dancers together with a multitude of other creative talent involved in the film-making process.
Stephen has long been a celebrity in the Sydney dance scene and came to national attention with ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and last year’s ‘Everybody Dance Now’. His choreography was showcased in theatres and online as part of the ‘Tannos & Choice’ duo with rave reviews about his cutting edge ‘urban contemporary’ style and passionate performance.
Now Stephen is undertaking a unique venture to fund his new projects whereby sponsors receive an excellent return of service from Stephen himself. He explains the nature of the venture here …

“I have three concepts for three short dance films In which I will be choreographing and directing and from the bottom of my heart I need your help to make them happen and to make them nothing short of Sublime. I have a very strong passion for the arts in Australia and I have always wanted to be able to get on a roll with putting out constant content, however money and funding is a large issue, once you hire someone to film, edit, colour grade, light, costume and a make up artist it becomes quite an expensive exercise My main goal for these three works is to help boost the dance/arts community in Australia and to create some form of a network where we are all in support of each other.”
To get on board and be a part of Stephen’s courageous new venture, supporting Australian dance and dancers, visit the website here to find out how and what you get in return!!