So You Think You Can Audition?

Judges - SYTYCDHey Guys,
Just wanting to share some tips with those of you who are in training to audition for the next series of channel Ten’s hugely successful TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”.
Make sure you take class in as many different genres as you can, so you are able to adapt to any flavour that is given to you. This will also help you fine tune your short term memory in order to ‘pick up quickly’ which is one of the demands of the TV show.
When you create your solo for your audition, make sure you invest all of your strengths, tricks, personality and fuse some genres together to show your potential for adaptability. If you don’t have this adaptability but shine at one genre, just invest in that and let your soul and spirit radiate through.
It really is a personality/dance competition so your ability to be confident in sharing yourself is important. I am also a firm believer that watching dance without this sharing of spirit is like watching body origami. Mindless steps with no spirit is hardly engaging.
Don’t waste time in your solo by strutting around the space doing almost nothing. That 45 seconds to show the judges what you’ve got should be jam packed with your utmost best.
Chooka’s ………………..and feel the beat!
Kelley Abbey