SHORT SWEET + DANCE - CHOREOGRAPHERS ANNOUNCEDFollowing a sell-out premiere season, SHORT SWEET+DANCE returns in February/March 2009! The season, which runs 24 February to 14 March 2009, will showcase the work of over thirty professional choreographers and feature many established and emerging performing artists.
DanceLife would like to congratulate the following choreographers who have been selected to present their pieces in the festival. Make sure you support our talented choreographers by coming along for what will be a truly exciting and energetic dance devent.
WEEK 1 February 24th-28th
Paulina Quinteros Awakening
Marnie Palomares Journey of a Single Star
Victoria Chiu Jezabel Velvet
Catherine Haurihan Touch
Miranda Wheen How to Understand How Big a Blue Whale is
Chris Mayhew Barber’s Adagio
Phluxus Dance Collective with Brian Lucas Opposite of Prompt
Mariana Baltidano+ William Centurion Libertango
Sarah-Vyne Vassallo Are we there yet?
Kevin Privett Saving Face
Thomas Egan “What’s Tappening”
WEEK 1 WILD CARD February 28th 2pm
Elizabeth Whelan Minor Detail
Ela Ray Markstein Capsule
Gabrielle Jade Lyon Mothermarks
Melissa Cooper Fall Girl
Cloe Fournier Twilight
Chelsea Funnell Poppy Seed
WEEK 2 March 3rd-7th
Alison Gunton Dirty Laundry
Katelyn Boshell The Shadow of Demise
Angela Hill Arriving
Jeni Sutton for DirtyFeet Wait
Jodie McNeilly Figment
Sean Marcs Sup-port
Ash Bee Blonde Ambition
Lorena Oates + Damien Grima BattleField
Kathryn Sagar ‘You, me…and the space between us’
Tamara Tossey The Cheerleader
WEEK 2 WILDCARD Saturday March 7th 2pm
Emma + James Batchelor From the Ashes
Nerida Godfrey Prost
Natalie Abbott Parade
Sean Marcs The Office
Imogen Cranna InFusion
Emma + James Batchelor Night Walker
WEEK 3 March 10th-14th
Yolande Brown – Pre Show Entertainment
Cecilie Farrar Murder my Sweet
Richard James Allen Do Avatars Dream of Human Sleep?
Miranda Zeller Al(one)
Martin Del Amo In Vain
twentypastfourproductions i AM my diary
Tracey White
Jason Winters + Jacqui Howard Ordinary People
Susanne Richter+Anmol Mishra “Los Enamorades”
Travers Ross
Seymour Centre Downstairs Theatre
Corner of City Rd and Cleveland St Chippendale
Tickets phone Seymour Centre Box Office 02 9351 7940
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Saturdays 11am-6pm and prior to all performances.
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