She's Back and FATTER THAN EVER!

trevor ashleyTrevor Ashley in Fat Swan



Strictly Limited Return Season

Wednesday 26 September – Saturday 6 October

Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne


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“a deliciously campy romp through ballet . . Fat Swan is highly entertaining!” –  The Age

Double Helpmann Award nominee (Best Cabaret Performer – Diamonds Are For Trevor/Best Lead Male in a Musical -Fat Swan) Trevor Ashley is back to delight Melbourne audiences.
After sell-out seasons of FAT SWAN at the Spegieltent, Melbourne in March and the Seymour Centre Sydney, Natalie Portly is back to delight and disgust audiences for a return – but this time she has brought with her a couple of new friends.
TREVOR ASHLEY stars in this “delightfully campy” and crass adults-only panto about a ballet dancer with body dysmorphia who dreams of being a star!  Can she overcome the obstacles of a psychotic mother, the choreographer from hell, and a lesbian ballerina with a dark side, and make it out the other end alive?  Well, no actually.
Joining the cast is the Helpmann winning star of Billy Elliott, fresh from a two-year stint on the West End, the incomparable GENEVIEVE LEMON.  She will play Natalie’s demented mother, Barbara Hershey-Bar.  Starring opposite Trevor and Genevieve is TV’s BRENDAN MOAR and  Jersey Boys’ DANIELLE BARNES

We caught up with TREVOR ASHLEY for a quick chat …

You have written this hilarious satire on the world of Classical Ballet and are the lead Actor/Dancer, what are your greatest challenges as a performer bringing FAT SWAN to the Stage?

It’s the energy I have to exude to play Natalie that is the most challenging. I jump up and down; do dance solos, sing and a lot more!!… and that’s just Act One. If I’m not excited to be there, the audience sure as hell won’t be!”
Where did you and Phil Scott draw your inspiration from for FAT SWAN?
“It’s a fairly literal parody of Black Swan… most of the same plot points occur in the show, however, the twist is that we set the show in whatever city we happen to be in, and of course, that I am playing an anorexic allerina. It’s hard to go wrong really.”
Can you provide a few words about Cameron Mitchell’s choreography for FS?
Cameron is an exceptional choreographer. I love that he can put routines together for absolutely brilliant dancers, and then put them together for a group of “movers” like the Fat Swan cast. All the chorey he created for the show absolutely captures the sense of fun and silliness that Fat Swan is.”

What do you see as the future for FS? Will there be a sequel??
I hope to take it overseas – I think it would be fabulous in London… they love audience participation over there. As for a sequel, there is one in the works now, but it’s not following the same characters. It’s a new Adults-Only Panto that will premiere at the Opera House this Christmas.”

Congratulations on your nomination for a Helpmann Award! How important is this nomination to yourself and the publicity of the show?
Thank you. It’s lovely to be recognised of course in this way… I think it’s hilarious as the category really has a plethora of incredibly different performers. I mean Warlow’s Warbucks and my Natalie Portly in the same comp? Hilare!!

“I think it’s great to have been recognised in a category of juggernauts. We’re the little show that could, and it’s been a wild ride!”

AND Genevieve Lemon …..

There must be many hilarious moments in rehearsal; do you have any ‘backstage titbits’ to share?
“The hilarity of the script I suppose is what sustains us through the whole rehearsal process. I always love working with Phil Scott, and in combination with Trevor the comedy quotient is upped to almost lethal! Honestly, those rehearsal days were almost sick-making, we laughed so much. And Danni (Barnes, who plays the Mila Kunis character,) doesn’t even swear usually, so to see her playing this unbelievably RUDE character is doubly funny.”
How did you come to be involved in FAT SWAN?

“Tara Morice created the role of Barbara Hershey-Bar, and with her fame from Strictly Ballroom, they were able to incorporate lots of extra dance gags in reference to that (she was hilarious as well, which helped!) …  I had just returned from playing Mrs. Wilkinson on the West End (Billy Elliot The Musical), I suppose I was the next obvious choice when Tara was unavailable. Trevor and I had worked together on Priscilla, and adored each other.”

What are your favourite moments in the show and/or season until now?

“Oh, just doing it! It’s ridiculous fun, what can I say? We have more fun than the audience every night, and that’s saying something!”

“Be warned you’re likely to laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself . . Ashley and Scott have struck gold!” – SX NEWS

Date and times 11 performances only fat swan
Wednesday 26 September at 8pm
Thursday 27 September at 8pm – OPENING NIGHT
Friday 28 September at 7pm and 9.30pm
Saturday 29 September at 7pm and 9.30pm
Thursday 4 October at 8pm
Friday 5 October at 7pm and 9.30pm
Saturday 6 October at 6pm and 8.30pm
Venue Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre, Melbourne
Bookings Tickets On Sale  Online or Call 1300 182 183