Saturday Night Fever

Open Call Auditions for Classic Saturday Night Fever in 2019

Submissions Close Monday 3rd September

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Based on the Paramount/RSO movie and the story by Nik Cohn, adapted for the stage by Robert Stigwood and Bill Oakes. Edited by Ryan McBryde. This production is created by Stéphane Jarny and choreographed by Malik Le Nost.


Submissions are to be made only via the website:

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: MIDNIGHT Monday, 3rd of September 2018

Successful applicants will receive appointment times 7 days prior to state based auditions.


17th & 18th September 2018 – SYDNEY

20th & 21st September 2018 – MELBOURNE

Call-backs to follow the above dates in each state.

Rehearsals to commence March 2019 in SYDNEY.

Dates are subject to change at the Producer’s discretion


Playing age: 19 yo
Italian American lives in Brooklyn. Not well educated, works in a paint store. However, has a charm with all customers and a very good understanding of the paint business. His parents don’t hold great hopes for his future and don’t expect him to become somebody important or do anything interesting with his life. Even his close group of friends are also on the road to nowhere. However, his passion is dancing and on Saturday nights at the local dance club, the 2001 Odyssey, Tony does become someone special, the king of the dance floor. Here is where he finds respect and also the ladies. Superb dancer, a confident leader of the gang, out to prove his worth.
Level of Dance: High – Professional (non-negotiable)


Playing Age: 20 yo
Brooklyn born and raised, Stephanie has finally crossed the bridge and works as an office worker in the music publishing business in Manhattan. She considers herself now to be a refined woman who is step above the Maneros of this world. She hasn’t quite lost all of her Brooklyn upbringing however and it is in this middle ground that she and Tony help one another to grow. She is an excellent dancer and recognizes that in Tony so agrees to be his dance partner for the major dance contest at the disco.
Level of Dance: High – Professional (non-negotiable)


By application and invitation only.
Must have a very high level of vocal ability to be considered for these roles. The lead singers are the primary vocalists in this production. Must have exceptional modern pop voice with extensive chest and head voice. Knowledge of style and ability to blend and sing harmonies
Level of Dance: Good movement skills


Playing Age: 19yo
Tony’s dance partner and pursuer. A sex-crazed girl who believes she is in love with Tony and desperately wants to him to be ‘her first’ Tony is only interested in one thing with her and that’s to be his dance partner. He consistently rejects her, at times cruelly and roughly, but Annette endures them believing he may come around. When it becomes apparent Tony will never sleep with her she lashes out by getting drunk making her vulnerable to the advances of Tony’s mates. Outwardly a tough cookie who is emotionally broken inside.
Level of Dance: Good movement skills
Vocal: Strong pop alto and comfortable belting a D in the stave


Playing Age: 20yo
A troubled youth and not one of the bravest in the gang.His life is turned upside down when he gets his girlfriend Pauline pregnant. He calls out for help amongst his friends but is never taken too seriously and his life unravels when the tug-o war with his family, her family and the church on one side and he seemingly alone on the other breaks him apart and he dies falling off a Manhattan bridge.
Level of Dance: Good movement skills
Vocal: Strong pop style and comfortable hitting a chest G on top of the stave


Playing Age: 30+
DJ at the 2201 Odyssey disco.Very cool and very hip. Good friends with all at the disco.
Level of Dance: Good movement skills


Playing Age: 25 – 30yo
Tony’s older brother who is a Priest. The saving grace of the Manero family. Very close to Tony and the moral compass for Tony and his mates.
Level of Dance: Good movement skills


Ensemble must have a VERY high level of dance experience with skills in the following genres:
1. Hip-hop/Commercial
2. Contemporary
3. Partner technique/lifts
4. Salsa (Not essential but a plus)

Most Dancer roles are non-singing, however with cover/understudy requirements, please indicate at the time of your audition, if you would like to showcase for the music dept.

This production will require some very experienced swing performer with high to professional experience in Singing, Acting and Dancing, to join the company. These performers will be integral to the production.

for all Audition and Cast Information


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