Review by Chris Duncan

The yellow and blue big top at the Entertainment Quarter Moore Park is literally a-buzz with creatures great and small as Cirque Du Soleil presents OVO!
‘Spectacular’, falls short of a description for this well-oiled machine that premiered in 2009 and has delighted over 2 million spectators across the world. Cirque Du Soleil productions are synonymous with excellence on all levels from the tiniest costuming detail to the magical spectacle of the exceptionally talented cast, but OVO provides an added element of comical mischief and mayhem that is a well-received bonus.
From the outset, the event is managed like a star-studded gala, with free popcorn, cupcakes and hors d’oevres served amongst surprised yet willing recipients. Entering the theatre is like stepping into a hidden, secret world. Crowd warmers are dressed in alien-esque bee-keepers costumes and move throughout the throngs of spectators teasing and tickling with suspended butterflies and varied antics. The stage is magnificently set to conjure the insect world that flourishes at our feet and the cast and crew successfully create an entire ecosystem teeming with life as the story begins.
A cast of 54 performers perform specialty acrobatic and circus acts with breathtaking precision, delivering colourful insight into the diversity of the  insect world with comedic storytelling. The audience is thrilled by act after act of incomprehensible skill. From the explosive juggling act of the sugar ants that not only juggle giant kiwi fruit and corn but also each other, to the exceptional flying trapeze act and the high-octane finale of the crickets’ power-tramp display, OVO leaves the audience riveted and eager for more.
The lead characters include the Ladybug, her love interest the Foreigner, and Master Flipo who acts as a strange maestro-type figure, keeping everything in order in the chaotic insect world. With perfect synergy between leads and extended cast, a tale of romance develops amidst a world of botanic beauty filled with noisy action and moments of quiet emotion.
The Foreigner – a Fly – enters the bustling community carrying a large bundled OVO (which means ‘egg’ in Portugese). The insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives. Madness and mayhem ensue throughout the narrative with devious methods employed by various insects and particularly Master Flipo to hide the Fly’s prized possession and keep it for themselves.
Overflowing with contrasts and vitality on all levels, OVO leaves the audience in standing ovation and calling for ‘more’ at its conclusion.
If you haven’t already bought your tickets, hurry!! This show is not to be missed and guarantees to please even the most sombre audience member!

Remaining show schedule in Australia:

Sydney – From September 13 2012, Showring at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Adelaide – From December 6 2012, Tambawodli (Park 24)
Melbourne – From January 17 2013, Melbourne Docklands
Perth – From April 14 2013, Langley Park

Tickets available here: