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Chicago The Musical

Don’t Miss Out Before it Heads Off to Continue its National Tour

Reviewed by Karina Lawrence

Come on Babe why don’t we hit the Town….and boy what an absolutely flawless show!!!

The Capitol Theatre was lit up with Red Lights for the Opening Night of Chicago with a stunning and excitable vibe in the air for this Iconic Show with a star studded cast list providing All That Jazz with style and sass, that did not disappoint!

Presented by John Frost for Crossroads Live and Jones Theatrical Group, in Association with Barry and Fran Weisser, the show delivered in absolute full form, delighting the audience right from the opening dialogue.

There was applause and appreciation throughout this truly awesome performance.

The stage was set with simple and effective lighting, showcasing that famous ‘cafe style’ chair from the late 1920’s era with an elegant backdrop!

From that moment on, you knew you were in for a treat without a doubt…and the performance certainly didn’t disappoint.

Starring Anthony Warlow as Billy Flynn who was charismatic, engaging and alluring in this role along with Zoe Ventoura who plays Velma Kelly offering a strong, dynamic performance, showcasing her triple threat talents, keeping the audience fully submerged with such captivation, was just musical theatre brilliance.

An absolute stand out was from Lucy Maunder, playing Roxie Hart! So much talent and forceful energy beaming out of her strong, yet small framed athletic build that literally nailed the role filled with embodied characteristics, while adding her own authentic tone was truly awesome to watch.

The iconic moment of the song We Both Reached For The Gun was a playful assortment of comic gestures between Lucy and Anthony that was truly flawless.

Peter Rowsthorn was a perfect blend of loveable joy and sweet compassion in the role of Amos Hart with pure strength combining a simplistic yet powerful presence from Asabi Goodman playing the role of Matron “Mama” Morton.

Quite the stunning and alluring mash up from a crowd favourite S.Valeri playing the role of Mary Sunshine certainly beaming out those rays.

The style and essence that oozed from an exceptional cast.

Seriously, so much talent, dedication and passion.

Such a joy to witness and watch throughout the performance.

Chicago is the longest running Broadway Musical with a Tony Award under its belt, that is indeed filled with the “Razzle and Dazzle” that will put a smile on your face for the whole duration.

With Music by John Kander and Lyrics by Fred Ebb from the book by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb, this Broadway hit is stunning, humorous and full of flavour and passion. With it’s iconic songs and characters that pull at your heartstrings even with some of their deviate connotations, that you literally fall in love with and almost feel as if you’re on baited breath with anticipation, even if you’ve been lucky enough to witness the show previously!

The Costume Designs by William Ivey Long are stunning, sexy and slick that highlight the incredible lines and physiques of these superb and talented dancers. Wth the famous style of Bob Fosse you are captivated with the breath that explodes form within these dancers souls with how the choreography is executed.

All lines and style with an expansion and explosion, of passionate energy. Absolute genius in such simplistic form.

Not an acrobatic, over split, hip pop in sight.

Just sheer technique and artistry at it’s best!

Fosse became known for his signature, highly-stylised blend of classical technique and explosive energy, passing on the impactive reminder for dancers to not just dance for the audience, dance for yourself.

I was literally in awe watching these incredibly talented performers do all that and more!

It was superb and literally perfection, certainly such a credit to all involved including the magic of Australian Associate Director, Karen Johnson Mortimer and the brilliance in bringing it to our stages again with the assistance of Executive Producer, Bec Windsor.

The staging and lighting by Scenic Designer, John Lee Beatty and Lighting Designer, Ken Billington and Associate Lighting Designer, Gavan Swift was beautiful enhanced with its simple yet elegant theme maintained throughout the production. Such a simple set up that also enhanced the incredible musicians lead by Musical Director, Anthony Barnhill.

The orchestra is equally talented and passionate and is certainly a huge part of this stunning production, literally!

Who would have through that swinging ladders framing each side of the familiar golden proscenium arch would offer such an impactive and effective visual, creating height and levels intertwining the stunning lines and fierce intensions projected from this talented cast and character that elegantly stood and even at times hung off them.

It’s certainly a show stopper that effortlessly gained a standing ovation as the crowd lept to its feet after such a truly superb and charismatic performance.

You’ll love it from beginning to end and I guarantee, will leave humming and singing the tunes that so perfectly defines this awe inspiring performance of Chicago.

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