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Last week Princess Cruise Lines conducted auditions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with a multitude of young hopefuls attending the castings. We chatted with the casting crew in Sydney to see what Princess look for in their performers.
Studio specialist of Show Productions for Princess, Kevin Miller from LA, said that the casting crew were looking for dancers of all abilities with no particular preference on look or height etc. He said that Princess ‘…love the Aussie and UK performers’, that our Aussie work ethic is good and personality always plays a part in casting. Like many casting directors we have spoken to in the past, Kevin agrees that a good personality goes a long way in a performers’ favour as it makes it a more pleasant job to work with someone who is easy to get along with and willing to work hard. From a vocal point of view, long-term Princess performer Andrew Phipps confirmed that the cruise line produce shows including a large variety of genres.
Andrew has worked for Princess Cruise Lines for a number of years and covered virtually all of the company’s cruise itineraries across the globe. He says that it is an amazing life and highly recommends young performers audition for the many entertainment jobs available on cruise ships. Kevin agreed that today, more than ever, performers rotate quite often creating opportunity for young singers and dancers to gain valuable work. Once it would be a long-term career option for many performers but more are choosing to do shorter terms than they used to. This is good news for the hundreds of graduates from Australia’s many full-time schools.
Princess Cruise Lines now have 17 ships with 4-5 shows rotating on each. Over 140 dancers registered for the Open Call Dance audition in Sydney and just 15 were chosen as possible candidates for employment. The choreography was up-to-date commercial jazz in line with the new wave of Princess Cruise Line productions. The company have created purpose-built rehearsal studios in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, which now house all of their pre-production activities and accurately simulate each ship’s performance space for the benefit of cast.
Best wishes to all auditionees! Stay tuned for stories on successful applicants!

Andrew Phipps and Kevin Miller - Princess Cruise Lines

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    Jessica Cruse says:

    I just read that you were holding auditions in Melbourne , Sydney and Brisbane and was wondering if you were coming to Perth at any time in the year for auditions or if not am i able to apply online to get the job ?

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