Plenty Serious Talk Talk

Indigenous Dancer presents Comedic & Complex New Dance Theatre Work

Acclaimed Indigenous dancer and choreographer Vicki Van Hout will present her new dance theatre work – plenty serious TALK TALK – at Riverside Theatres from August 30 to September 1.

In conjunction with FORM Dance Projects, this explorative work delves into the compulsory community consultative process involved in Indigenous art making. plenty serious TALK TALK lays bare the full complexity of negotiating culture across disciplines, genres and eras.

Recognised for creating humorous narratives blended with an idiosyncratic Indigenous movement language, Van Hout celebrates and illuminates the sophistications of the world’s oldest living culture.

Van Hout said, “As an artist I am never truly alone as I am bound to bring my family, my community, my peers and mentors to work with me. In this piece I decided to place the usually behind-the-scenes action of the indigenous arts making process front and centre.”

One of Australia’s most ground-breaking Indigenous artists, Van Hout has over 20 years of experience creating insightful works related to Indigenous culture and addressing important political issues. A graduate of NAISDA Dance College and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York, she went on to perform with major Indigenous dance companies, Bangarra Dance Theatre and the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre, before joining forces with Marilyn Miller as a founding member of Fresh Dancers. With Marilyn, Vicki performed Dear Carrie for Oneextra Dance and Quinkin for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Her show Briwyant was the first ever show by an independent Indigenous choreographer to tour nationally and was nominated for an Australian Dance Award for Best Achievement in Independent Dance.

Vicki was awarded the 2014 NSW Dance Fellowship for established and mid-career artists – the first Indigenous winner of the Fellowship. She has also completed various residencies in Australia and overseas, including in Austria and Singapore.


plenty serious TALK TALK

Thursday August 30 to Saturday September 1 @ 8pm
Riverside Theatres – Corner of Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
Bookings: (02) 8839 3399 or