Paris Opera Ballet – Giselle!



returns to Sydney


Exclusive Sydney Season – 13 performances only

from 29 January 2013 to 9 February

Capitol Theatre

2013 marks the triumphant return to Sydney of The Paris Opera Ballet,

universally regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest ballet company in the

world. The Paris Opera Ballet will give 13 performances of Giselle for an

exclusive Sydney Season at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney from 29 January.

Founded in 1661 by Louis XIV as the Academie Royale de la Danse The Paris Opera

Ballet has an unbroken tradition of two hundred and fifty years at the forefront of

this ever-evolving art form, producing great works, legendary dancers and

exceptional choreographers.

In addition to being the oldest company, The Paris Opera Ballet is also the

youngest, its ranks comprising étoiles or stars, premier danseurs, sujets or soloists,

corps de ballet and junior dancers with an average age of 25. The vast majority of the

dancers have come through the company school, many commencing their training in

the unique French technique as early as eight years of age.

The Paris Opera Ballet made its sensational Australian debut in 2007 when it

performed in Sydney. That season comprised a Gala at the Sydney Opera House

followed by a fortnight of Swan Lake and Jewels at the Capitol Theatre. Two years

later they brought La Bayadère to Brisbane.

Giselle is the quintessential romantic ballet. The tale of an innocent country girl

who, deceived by her noble lover, dies and joins the ranks of other young maidens,

similarly betrayed, in a spirit world where she is able to save his life through her

manifest love for him.

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