Ole Ola
Dancers basically spend most of their careers backing up singers and bands and supporting acts, orchestras and shows while all along mainly staying in the background. That is all pretty good, exciting, fun, rewarding and no worries. However the call is now upon all dancers to turn it all around and make it be the other way in which in fact it is the bands, acts, shows, orchestras and singers supporting and backing dancers thus leaving the actual dancers to be the only stars by being in the limelight and staying on the forefront of every major performance and take dancers to the next higher proper level where dancers deserve to be and are so worth being at.
Many dancers around the world are now doing just this but Down Under we are proud to say and happy to mention 2 special dance shows that have already achieved just that … “Ole Ola” starring Fabio Robles with Ana Andre plus special guests and “Dance Dance Dance” starring Luda Kroitor, Aric Yegudkin, Masha Belash, Csaba Szirmai, Vali Damaskou with Oliver Pineda plus special guests.
Feel, witness and experience some of the hottest celebrity dancers from Australia featured and seen in shows such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘ Strictly Dancing’, ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with the amazing ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ extravaganza. The multi-award winning international champion dancers will sizzle with Salsa, Street, Latin, Ballroom & Latin American dance styles representing the passion, elegance and beauty.
Fabio Robles, star of ‘Ole Ola‘, attained the prestigious qualification of Maestro Superior de Danzas Folkloricas and was a registered dance teacher in Argentina when he arrived in Australia in 1981. He was just 14 years old. Fabio pioneered Latin American Dance in Australia and has achieved recognition as the most outstanding Choreographer and Director specialising in Latin American culture. Most recently, Fabio won the Australian Tango Championships three consecutive times and has directed or performed in stage shows such as ‘Dirty Dancing’ ‘One Night in Buenos Aires’ and ‘Ole Ola’. He has choreographed for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’.
Both “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “Ole, Ola” will be showing at ‘The Juniors” in Kingsford Sydney in November & December – tickets available here
Shows & Giveaways

We have some special DanceLife giveaways for a “Dance Dance Dance” show on Friday 30th November and “Ole Ola” show on Saturday 1st December at the gorgeous Wintle Auditorium located inside “The Juniors” on 558a Anzac Parade Kingsford in Sydney.
  • A] 1 Double Pass [2 tickets] for “Dance Dance Dance” 8.30pm show on Friday 30th November at The Juniors together with 2 Free “Dance Dance Dance” t-shirts which winners can get signed by Luda, Aric, Csaba, Masha and other cast right after the show
  • B] 1 Double Pass [2 tickets] for “Ole Ola” 7pm show on Saturday 1st December at The Juniors plus also another 1 Double Pass [2 tickets] for the 9.30pm show on the same date


Answer this quiz question for your chance to win tickets to “Dance Dance Dance”(email us here with your answer)

Q: What is the name of the current professional dancer champion who won the most recent series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ partnering Johnny Ruffo?
Hint: a principal cast member of ‘Dance Dance Dance’ ?
Answer this quiz question for your chance to win tickets to “Ole Ola”(email us here with your answer)
Q: For “Ole Ola” from which country in Latin America is the tango related associated with?
Hint: Fabio Robles 1 of the principal dancers of ‘Ole Ola’ was also born in this country
Video Links Show Reels
View sneak peeks of these amazing shows here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aar4vghRb-o for “Ole Ola”and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8RYFA1SKYk for “Dance Dance Dance”
Both “Dance Dance Dance” and “Ole Ola” can now be booked and hire both shows via 0417456562 and 0416477832 [or from overseas is +61417456562 and +61416477832]
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