DanceLife went along to the opening night of Guys and Dolls in Sydney last night. Not knowing a huge amount about the show I went with an open mind. Guys and Dolls is your traditional old school musical which made all the couples over 60 have their feet tapping. The show is very tightly produced and there were a number of great scenes and effective dance sequences. While I was not a massive fan of the music The entire cast are simply brilliant. Marina Prior was the stand out performer. She was sexy, fun and just captivated the entire audience each and every time she was on stage. The perfectly cast leads were supported by a just as talented ensemble.
Afterwards we attended the after party which felt like everyone who saw the show jam packed into the foyer upstairs. The room was filled with all types of theatre people there to support their friends and colleagues. Although we feel like the entertainment industry isn’t friendly sometimes it’s nights like this where everyone comes together to support each other that makes you feel proud to be a part of it all. We did a small amount of networking while enjoying the wine making sure we didn’t touch the mini quiche that looked a little like yesterdays quiche. So many talented people in one room and not enough business cards. This brings me to another point, Networking. My guest for the night is very confident at talking to anyone, no matter who they are or what they do, while I’m not so confident. We work in an industry where they say it’s all about who you know therefore networking is crucial. I have put this on my list to chat with mentor about… Goal #894 Be a confident networker. Ok well I just went totally off the topic but hope it got you thinking about how you network and work ‘the room’.
Back to the show… Awesome cast, average songs, strong dance numbers (not many big dance numbers though) and great for Mum or Nan.
Have a great weekend… I’m off to Wollongong to adjudicate and eisteddfod.

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