NICEST KIDS COMING TO TOWNHairspray auditions are coming, and sooner than soon. This news is like many industry bites, unofficial. But we can officially state the following: Aussie performers have been cracking their wigs back in preparation for this audition for yonks. So if YOU want to be remembered by the audition panel, get cracking NOW.

The show is set in Baltimore, USA, in the early 1960s. There are roles for all types of people so if you’d like to shine in the audition, follow these foundational steps…

There are great coaches offering this kind of training all over Australia. Consider signing up for a workshop or lessons to get an edge, and sharpen up your skills before stepping into your audition. Right now you can:

1. Train for stamina. This show go go goes! You’ll need to be physically fit to keep in the game.
2. Choose your songs NOW, and get your 16 bar, 32 bar and full length versions rehearsed with intro and outro. For details of singing teachers check the directory or email me on for teacher suggestions.
3. Work to a higher standard. Professional experience is not compulsory (everybody has their first job sometime). But showing you have worked harder to prepare than your competition is a must.

Statistics show less than 1% of auditionees will attend a specific preparation workshop. That’s still more people than there are roles. But of those that attend workshops, approximately 5% *will be successful in being offered a role in the show. * Based on statistics from recent Audition Guru preparation workshops for West Side Story.


This independent one day workshop is designed to help you be more successful in the audition process for this and other shows. Your coach Tia Jordan who has been to Broadway to research HAIRSPRAY, will be your coach. Whether you intend to audition for HAIRSPRAY or not, this opportunity should not be missed by singer dancer actors.

Read all the workshop details HERE.

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