Natasha Marconi – Grease is the Word!

Natasha Marconi is quickly becoming one of Sydney’s top young dancers and all-round performers having already worked with numerous A-list stars in our industry at just 21 years of age!

Her most recent casting has been as a member of the new GREASE Spectacular which is currently in rehearsal. We caught up with Natasha for a quick chat …
Natasha, what is your dance/performing arts background?
“I first began dancing at the age of 3 and haven’t stopped since! I started taking acting and singing lessons also around the age of 8. Once I finished my training at the Glenda Yee School of Dance, I chose to do a fulltime performing arts course with a Certificate IV in Performing Arts at Brent Street Studios, graduating in 2010.
Since graduating I have had the opportunity to perform on several TV shows such as X Factor, Dance Academy, The Voice and Celebrity Splash. I have also danced alongside some amazing Artists including Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin, Flo–Rida, Delta Goodrem, Cher Lloyd and Timomatic. I was also a featured dancer in Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby. I have had the pleasure of working with industry professionals such as The Squared Division, Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, Marko Panzic and Leanne Cherney.  This year I will be making my musical theatre debut in the cast of Grease.
What steps did you take after your training to secure professional work?
“After graduating from full-time the first step I took was to meet with my agency and discuss my goals and ideas for the future. I was keen to focus on what I had to work on or do to better my chances in this industry. I then ensured I was attending classes and workshops consistently so as to continue improving and to keep myself in front of the professional choreographers with whom I dreamed of working! I went to every audition possible and made sure to pay attention to looking after my body and working on my image.”
What advice can you give to our DanceLife readers on how to best prepare yourself for professional work?

“I think firstly it’s very important to find an image for yourself – how you like to wear your hair, your attire and style etc – so you are constantly aware of how you want to present yourself. But you also need to be confident with who you are and let it shine through.
“Attend class as much as you can so that you are continuously bettering your skills and improving your confidence – especially when it comes to the ability to pick up and perform choreography quickly, which is so important when working on a job.
Try to network and meet as many people as possible as this is extremely important in our industry.
“I believe it’s really important to make sure you are an all-rounder also.  The benefits of being a dancer, singer and an actor is a given, but it’s also so important to study all styles of dance because you never know what style the next job around the corner will be looking for.
“Make sure you always carry around with you a positive energy – be the person that is easy to work with, determined and enthusiastic.
And finally, be as prepared as you can be – have the appropriate attire ready for auditions and rehearsals and all the material you could possibly need. For example, sheet music – so when an audition arises you aren’t freaking out last minute!”
What have been the highlights of your professional career to date?

“My biggest highlight would probably have to be working with Baz Luhrmann and John O’Connell in The Great Gatsby. The entire experience was amazing! From the set to the costumes to the actors and to being under the direction of Baz to seeing myself on the big screen was truly indescribable!!!
Also working with international artists that I have adored has definitely been another highlight. Performing for Taylor Swift under the direction of The Squared Division at the ARIA’s was definitely one of my favourites. After we finished performing and ran off stage I felt someone hug me and turned around to find it was Taylor – I think I may have stopped breathing!!!! She was so incredible to work with and the feeling of that crowd was truly insane!”
What are you expecting from your experience as a cast member of ‘Grease’?
“I am a little nervous about being cast in my first musical to be honest. It’s a completely new journey and sure to be different to what I have been doing in the commercial industry for several years now. However I’m super excited for a change and a big challenge!! I think it will be surreal to walk out of a stage door that I used to stand by as a child after a show and to be part of the cast rather than a fan. I’m also expecting that I will get the opportunity to further improve my singing and acting abilities – especially as I am covering the role of Cha- Cha. I can’t wait to meet a lot of wonderful new people, be challenged by doing 8 shows a week and perform to a theatre every night This is sure to be an incredible experience – I cannot wait and I’m ready for the challenge! “
What are you future goals?
“I’m not sure where my career will take me after my time on Grease- I guess you never know what’s around the corner! I have always dreamt of dancing for an International Artist on tour however and I’d say my next goal would be to move to the United States and hopefully secure a tour for a renowned artist and possibly work on more film and television projects. And maybe even dance on Broadway! I’d love to keep performing for as long as possible and may even venture into choreography and direction one day. I continually want to keep pushing myself beyond my limits and  – as cheesy as it sounds – reaching for the stars.”

The cast of Grease in rehearsal