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Article by Natasha Crane of Crane Creations
I would like to approach a topic that I am very passionate about – that is, the current state of our dance industry.

Natasha Crane

I’m sure that if you are a dancer you know exactly what I’m talking about, and that you’ve had many experiences that have made you question whether or not this whole business is worthwhile.
Well, I’ve decided that no longer am I going to complain about it; but I’m going to do every single thing in my power to change it for myself and for everyone else!
In the past I have done what I can to make a difference, including turning down jobs that were not paying what they should have been and making sure that any jobs I employ people for are paid according to Equity standards with the MEAA (Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance – that is our union).
While this certainly had a positive effect for me personally and the people who work for me it was only making a small change. Now, I am so thrilled that I have found the best way for me to make the biggest difference reaching the most people in the quickest way!
So if you are a dancer or involved in the industry I can almost guarantee that you would have said to yourself, or heard someone say to you, some of the following things:

  • it’s hard to make it in this industry
  • we don’t get paid enough
  • there’s not enough work
  • my body is not good enough
  • and the worst one … I’m not good enough to be successful

While this may seem to be true for you currently it doesn’t have to be that way. Unfortunately, because these are the things that most of us believe, we keep accepting this as a truth for ourselves.
The good news is that we have every power to absolutely change that for ourselves.
That is not my truth in the industry because I choose to believe something different and while that may seem like a very challenging thing for you to do, (change what you believe) it is ABSOLUTELY 100% POSSIBLE!
My goal is to help you do that.
Just in case you don’t know me personally or haven’t had any contact with me yet in a professional way … I have managed to create a very successful and profitable career for myself within the industry through dancing professionally, choreographing, directing and teaching. I have girls who have just returned from dancing on a six month contract for me at the ‘City Of Dreams’ casino in Manila, my choreography is now on multiple P&O cruise ships and last year I worked as an assistant creative director for a reality TV show in India called India’s Raw Star.
The reason I was able to achieve all of this is because I have always had very positive beliefs about myself and what I was worth and what I was capable of. However, I started to get upset because I kept seeing all of these amazingly talented people around me fail and I couldn’t understand why they weren’t able to succeed in the way that they desired. I admire these people immensely and couldn’t understand what was going wrong.
So I decided to do something about it and go and get some education. I invested a lot of money and trained to be a life coach. During that training I learnt so many things about myself including some limiting beliefs that I had that were holding me back. That process has changed my life so dramatically that I almost can’t believe it myself!
I have now found my true place in the dance industry and have found a way that I can help other people to change their beliefs and increase their self worth and value. Giving you the confidence to create the life you want. My goal now is to use this education to help as many people as possible especially within our industry.
I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed at doing what they love. I can’t imagine living my life any other way now and I don’t think anyone should have to.
If you relate to this article and would like to explore how to seek out your own path to success I invite you to get in touch with me and learn about the services I can offer. These services include:

  • Group Coaching Courses
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Industry Talks
  • Dance Classes mixed with personal development

For more information on my next group coaching course please follow this YouTube link:

Instagram:  @natashacranecreations

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