Music In Motion | Oct 21 & 22 Only!

Music In Motion

Sydney | October 21 & 22

The show will inspire any aspiring performing artist and is perfect for all ages!
A-Live Entertainment, headed by BJ Rorke, will present its latest collaborative creation in two final shows in Sydney on 21st & 22nd October.
Entitled Music In Motion, this is a dance-based theatre show featuring some of the best dancers in the country alongside some live musicians and the incredible NXTGEN group of young performers hand picked to be in the show.

The show consists of 11 professional dancers alongside 23 young pre-professional dancers, who are the NXTGEN group, who were hand picked by the choreographers from over 80 auditionees earlier this year. NXTGEN was formed by A-Live Entertainment to provide an opportunity for young dancers to bridge the gap between their training and moving into a professional career.
The feature dancers are: BJ Rorke, Dayton Tavares, Andrew Huynh, Coby Njoroge, Brady Kitchingham, Bradley Crockford, Felicia Stav, Tenille Tavares, Talia Kuo, Cassandra Ware and Tegan Rushton.
BJ Rorke conceptualised Music in Motion and deliberately chose 3 specific choreographers to collaborate with on this project. “I wanted a diverse and unique blend of choreography so I picked Dayton, Andrew and Lauren Seymour because they are focussed on musicality, and I knew we could connect the show and direct the flow with their work,” said BJ.
The concept of staging a dance show with live music is not new, but according to BJ, in Music in Motion, the use of live musicians strips back the genres and styles in each segment to form an overall experience where dance is the primary focus and it almost seems that the movement creates and drives the music. “We use piano, vocalists, guitar, didgeridoo, strings, percussion and a-capella to showcase the dance as the focus and music as the complement … so dance becomes one with the sounds … we are almost separating what people think of music and choreography and stripping it all away,” said BJ.
At just under 2 hours with interval, this may be the last chance to see Music In Motion unless A-Live can find someone who is able to produce and promote the show elsewhere. It has already been performed in Newcastle and Sydney earlier this year.
“These final 2 shows may be the last time you get to see the show, and I encourage all young dancers to get out see – not just my show, but all live dance shows! – as it is important to understand why we train for years and for the next generation to get inspired. If people dont go out and watch dance productions, there will be no dance industry.”
“Hopefully people will come away feeling inspired and a little speechless as it goes in many directions and energy levels and may take a few hours to process it afterwards,” concludes BJ.

Watch this video for a taste of MUSIC IN MOTION!


MUSIC IN MOTION | A-Live Entertainment
Science Theatre, UNSW, Kensington
October 21st, 7pm  & October 22nd, 2.30pm