So you think you can dance? That’s not enough! Do you know you can dance? Still, it’s not enough! The real question is; what are you going to do about it? Not your mum, not your dad, not your teacher, not your agent, not your manager, not your friends – YOU!
With Dance growing to be a strong influential culture on Australian television over the past few years, the dream of becoming a dancer has evoked the hearts and inspiration of many viewers. Dance schools are filling up with aspiring wannabes, some just want to have fun, some want to stand out and some want to be stars! My question to the more serious dancers is this… WHY? The Why factor is what sets you apart from your competitor. If you have a big enough reason WHY you want to achieve your dream then you will have more momentum, energy and persistence to actualise it. It will become more than just feeling special on a stage; it will become a way of life and define who you are as a person.
Talent alone is not enough. Dreaming is one thing but making the dream a reality is a totally different story. Real success, which is the actualisation through achievement of goals and personal self fulfilment, is created from these three powerful dynamics;
1. Dream – Your ability to dream begins with a correct relationship with yourself and your world around you. Self love is the basis for this correct relationship and that is in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and respecting who you are as a person and those around you. These attributes are important to help overcome adversity in your career and in life. Your mental and emotional health derives from your capacity to know, love and respect who you are.
2. Action – Dreaming is not enough yet keeping your dream and passion alive is what motivates you to take action. A goal without enthusiasm remains just that a goal and is unlikely to be achieved. Action propelled by enthusiasm creates momentum, habit and in turn, more action. What can stop people from taking consistent action is FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. If this is you, find one of my previous articles on FEAR through this blog to assist you overcome that limiting mindset.
3. Completion – Being persistent in your action steps leads to only one thing… completion! However, completion is not about arriving. It is about the ability to take on the new responsibility that comes with that achieved goal. It is the ability to complete a project then start all over again.
2010 is drawing to a close. Are you where you thought you would be?
What were you goals for 2010? Did you achieve them?
If not, why not? Were your goals realistic? Was the timeframe too short? Did you get distracted? Were you too hard on yourself? Were you too easy on yourself?
If you have not check it out yet, take a look at the Dance Life 2011 online guide for full-time at the link below! There is a lot of information in the guide to help you further develop your talent, mindset and performance ability.
You CAN DANCE! So how are you going to make it happen?
Yours in Dance
Kate x
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