Ministry's Masterclass with Kelley Abbey

Kelly Abbey

Hey folks,
I have just come from Melbourne where I just taught a Master Class at Jason Coleman’s new studios called “Ministry of Dance”. This place truly is dancer heaven and a fantastic new facility for Melbourne.
I got up close and personal with the Melbourne dancers and also had the beautiful Caleb Bartolo {who you’d remember from So You Think You Can Dance} participate in a Hip Hop/Jazz Master Class. It is so great to work with new people and teach them a new style.
I always parallel the fear and ‘unsafe’ factor of learning a new style, to buying and wearing a new pair of jeans….when you wear new jeans, they feel a little stiff and uncomfortable…….then they wear in at the knees and the booty, and they become your jeans! And so it goes with a new style. You have to allow yourself to be uncomfortable for a little……before the new style becomes yours.
The dancers were wearing in their ‘jeans’ and we had a blast together! I think the greatest thing about dancing is that you get to share with others, via dance, without really knowing them very well. Dance is truly a universal language!
I truly recommend taking master classes with different choreographers and extending your dance vocabulary. This makes for an adaptable and therefore more employable dancer.
Make sure you check out ‘Ministry of Dance’ if you’re in Melbourne. It will inspire you to Dance……… even if you’re not a dancer.
Kelley xx

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