Mamma Mia… Meryl!

On Thursday Mamma Mia will be released to the Big Screen. This is just another example of a Worldwide Smash Hit Musical that has been taken from the stage and put on the screen. Lately, this format has been working and I’m sure Mamma Mia will not be the film to ruin the Musicals winning streak! Although you don’t get the same experience watching a musical as you do at the theatre there is still that amazing sense of excitement and adrenalin that runs through your body… or is that just me?
Mamma Mia has a stellar cast including Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried and one of my favourite Actors Merly Streep (Miranda Priestley from my favourite film – The Devil Wears Prada). This all singing, all dancing film will be one not to miss. Mamma Mia will be a great film for the whole family. Mum, take the kids these school holidays. I think even Dad might like this one, even if it’s just for the music.
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