Dance celebrity make up artist Tina Sparks gives us Make up hygiene in plain BLACK & WHITE!
We all know sharing make up isn’t a good idea but just how bad is it? We often look to our fellow dancers for a lend of that Hair spray, bobby pins, bun nets & sometimes it’s easier to use their lip stick, foundation or mascara as well.
Sharing good moral in the dressing room is the only thing that should be passed around. Often you may have eaten something in a hurry, still have food left on your lips and use your lip stick, then share that with your friends that have also eaten something or have had a cold and that’s the start to all sorts of nasties beginning to be passed around.
Number 1 no no’s on sharing make up.
LIP STICK: our Red warning alert is lip stick. This should never be shared no matter what! Their saliva, food, and dry skin will all be transferred to your lips!
Foundation: Our skin carries all sorts of oils and dirt that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share with your best friend!
MASCARA: Eye infections are the easiest to spread and the longest to hang around. Even sharing your mascara with your own eyes sometimes can cause a problem. As soon as you get any sort of eye infection, throw your own mascara away and get a new one!
EYE SHADOW, BLUSH 7 POWDER: All the same nasties mentioned about will be transferred from these dry shadows!
SPONGES & BRUSHES: even if your make up is clean it may be what you are putting it on with that is problem. Sponges should only be used once. The moisture in those little white sponges are a perfect home for bacteria. Brushes have lots of tiny little bristles that also provide hidey holes for germs to live in.
Let’s face it, we know we shouldn’t share but sometimes we still do. If you absolutely have to share at the last minute then grab mums hand sanitizer and a tissue and gently wipe over your:

  • Lip stick
  • Cream foundation
  • Lip & eye pencils (or sharpen in between)
  • Lip gloss

For all your powder products when you get home pour a small amount of isocol alcohol in a spray bottle and gently spray a fine mist from around 10-20cm away (be careful not to WET your make up as it will set it permanently) then place your shadows, blush and powders in the sun on a table for an hour to kill those germs.
Also remember never Blow on your make up or brushes as germs love the moisture from your breath.
Where possible use your own make up & brushes and be sure to clean them after each performance. You shouldn’t spend your time worrying about those little break outs caused by sharing your make up but instead your focus should be on giving a stand out performance every time!
Visit for more tips and tricks on Dance make up from Tina Sparks!

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