A lot of my dancing clients have been coming to me asking; “Do I need a magnesium supplement, everyone at dancing is taking them”. It seems to be the latest nutrition fad sweeping the Australian dance world. So what are the facts?
Magnesium is a really important mineral that is present within each and every cell in your body. It plays a key role in lots of bodily functions such as nerve conduction, muscle response – fluidity, accuracy and co-ordination (kinda important for a dancer), immunity, growth and fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium also plays a big role in recovery as it allows your muscles to relax and release tension, preventing cramping.
Do you need to take a supplement?
The recommended daily intake of magnesium for optimal health ranges from 80mg in children to 320mg in adult males. This number can be easily reached by eating real foods such as: 1 medium banana (contains 34mg Magnesium), a cup of brown rice (contains 84mg Magnesium) 56g of almonds (contains 156mg Magnesium) and a cup of cooked pumpkin (contains 56mg Magnesium) or put more simply a variety of healthy whole foods throughout the day.
If you feel your diet lacks whole foods or you are a particularly fussy eater maybe taking a supplement is an option. However be wary of supplements and becoming reliant on tablets. They can interfere with other medications and contain things you didn’t need or want to be taking… It is always better if you can get the nutrients from real foods.
So what’s the answer?
Always seek expect advice and remember real foods are best. Take that extra money you would spend on vitamin tablets to buy more fresh fruit and vegetables, that way you will not only get the magnesium but also all the other important minerals that dancers need.
By Mia Ballenden

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