Luam is Back! Part 2!

You wanted it, so here it is! Part 2 of DanceLife’s interview with the amazing LUAM! If you misssed Part 1 see it here.
5. You have a real passion for teaching which we can you through your YouTube videos. How do you continue to keep your choreography fresh and your students engaged?
The music!! The music drives the movement for me in all of my classes or choreographies. I have to use music that inspires me or nothing will come out. And it is the music that ultimately tells me what to do, I just have to listen. That and prayer. I recognize that what comes out of me isn’t all me and comes from divine inspiration. Otherwise you’d see me doing the two-step in every other video lol. When you count on a source (God) bigger than yourself, your fountain of inspiration and talent is endless.
My students and dancers see that I love what I am doing and it is infectious. I am doing it for my growth, I am doing it for their growth, and I am not doing it to impress or show-off. Dancers are smart, they can pick up on those energies and react accordingly. When demonstrating your talent comes from a pure place, you receive a positive response. When you do it for ‘other’ reasons, it brings the negative.
6. Dance is not your only passion. You are the Co-Founder of the clothing company Wildchild Nation ( and last year you launched a new clothing line L.U.A.M. that has been worn by many celebrities and can be seen in Step Up 2. Tell us a little bit about this new line and how it all started.
Oh man, you don’t have the time! My best friend Traci Copeland and I began the concept of Wildchild years ago as we were creating our own outfits and talked about sharing the creative, passionate spirit we expressed in dance and fashion through a clothing line. We came together with a third partner, Marc to build the business for it in late 2006. Hence the inception of Wildchild Nation. Wildchild is the creative spirit in all of us that we sometimes stifle and don’t express. We wanted people to wear Wildchild Nation and feel a part of a movement, a community. L.U.A.M. is the streetwear collection within Wildchild Nation and we are positioning it to be the first streetwear brand to come through the dance perspective. Hip Hop culture and music is the inspiration (i.e. headphones on the hoods) and also embodies of the rebellious spirit of Wildchild Nation (i.e. ‘hip hop is not on the radio’ collection). There is so much more to this story, it’s pretty crazy actually. But you can check for the launch of the L.U.A.M. blog on coming soon for the full disclosure. 😉 And buy they clothes!!! Yes we ship to Australia… 😉
7. As dance is growing rapidly in Australia we have so many amazing young dancers coming through local dance studios. What is your advice to those who want to ‘make’ it as a professional dancer?
TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. Train in the streets, in the classrooms, in the clubs, in your cousins house, in your kitchen…. Dance is everywhere, and when you see something you want to learn, don’t hesitate. Learn it. Search for the opportunity to train and absorb everything. And ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE. The best artists recognize their art is greater than themselves and belongs to the world. Those who consume the fame will burn from it. Accept compliments with gratitude, criticism with humility, and success with grace. (copywright Luam 2008 lol)
8. When are you coming to Australia to teach some workshops?
When you guys bring me. 😉
9. What is one thing about you that no one else knows?
I’ll do you better, I’ll give you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Good: Piano was my first love. I’m a musician.
Bad: I can be a klutz. Who isn’t though right?…
Ugly: I’m a horribly ungraceful sleeper. Besides the fact that my eyes are open, and so is my mouth (yes, drool peoples), I may even talk or laugh out loud. Not the best thing to wake up to…
10. What’s your life motto?
I never had just one. Hmmm. Today I think it’s “Never give up, Never surrender!” (Galaxy Quest shout out)
P.S. This is not an answer to a question or anything, but just want to shout out !!
LUAM teaches So Much Betta – Janet Jackson!

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