LOVE IS ALL AROUND - MARDI GRAS DANCER AUDITIONSSaturday 31st of January 2009 at 11:00am saw the first batch of people audition for Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian ‘New Mardi Gras’ show, which was held at NIDA. Approximately 60 people turned up for the audition with many from the gay and lesbian community auditioning to show their support for their own community event.
It was a very hot day and everyone was feeling the heat, but that didn’t stop the dancers’ enthusiasm from shining. There was a mixed representation from each age group and also dance ability, ranging from non dancers/absolute beginners who were very keen to ‘give it a go’ to some professional dancers who showed us how it was done.
The dancers were split into groups of 8, and each group of 8 had the opportunity to perform the routine twice in front of the judging panel and all the other contestants.
The choreography for the audition involved three counts of 8, and two counts of 8 of freestyle dancing to the song ‘Work’ by Kelly Rowland, where people truly brought out their inner divas. Lots of booty popping, shoulder shimmies, body rolls, grinding, and even lip-syncing was had, with a few dancers surprising everyone with their amazing acrobatic gymnastics skills.
The audition was buzzing from the dancers’ enthusiasm and all ego was left at the door. The fact that you were willing to audition was enough to join you in camaraderie with each other. It was an extremely fun, non-competitive, down to earth audition where all the dancers showed much support and appreciation to each other regardless of age or dance ability.