Kate & The SYTYCD Workshops!

Kate & The SYTYCD WorkshopsHi Guys,
What a full on month I’ve had. There’s so much going on in Sydney at the moment, which is great for so many dancers. It was a thrill to present the award for ‘Totally Talented Actor’ at the Dolly Teen Choice Awards along with Matt, Jack and Rhys last Wednesday. We had such a fun night with a lot of star spotting going on. It was a shock to win an award for SYTYCD but it was great to win the ‘Glued to the Screen’ award. I was quite starstruck meeting host Brian McFaden backstage and the always gorgeous Kate Richie, all in all it was a fun night for all.
Top 10 of the 1st series of SYTYCD had another reunion whilst rehearsing all week for a massive 45minute show at the Horden Pavilion. The show was choreographed by Adam Williams for the Jewish Community Appeal, which does so much great work. Adam really went all out with sound, costumes and lighting for this production and our tired little bodies had a big work out rehearsing for the week. The audience seemed to appreciate the hard work everyone had put in so it was all worth it.
I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching around the country with some fabulous workshops the last few weeks. Demi, Marko, Anthony and I have set off on a tour of Australia combining all our styles into 2 huge days of dancing. We have done Perth and the Gold Coast so far and are off to Melbourne, Geelong, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Canberra. The dancers have loved it so much so if you are in any of the upcoming places please come and check it out. It’s really something learning new styles and leaving your inhibitions at the door. Workshops are a great way to try new teachers and styles for a few days that you usually wouldn’t be able to do. I always try and get to new workshops to broaden the dance vocab so to speak.
I had the pleasure of seeing Billy Elliott this week and I must say get to the show if you haven’t seen it before it leaves Sydney. It was so entertaining and such an amazing cast. Congratulations to you all…
Hope you’re all dancing up a storm,
Much Love
Workshops contact- sytycdworkshop@hotmail.com