Kane Bonke Answers Your Health & Fitness Questions

I’m a 17-year-old female dancer who likes to go the gym and use weights. How do I stop getting to bulky?
For anyone to gain a lot of muscle mass they have to be lifting heavy weights. Resistance/weight training can actually contribute to weight loss and is great for toning and strength so I encourage you to keep it up. As a female dancer though I would work on muscle strength, toning, and muscle endurance. To do this keep the weight light with high repetitions 10-15 and perform at least 1-3 sets of an all over body work out.
Generally day-to-day what’s the best way for a female dancer to eat her meals to help keep weight down but still have energy?
One thing to remember is that our metabolism is like the sun, so metabolism is fastest in the morning when the sun is rising. Breakfast should be a meal full of goodness, your largest meal should be between 12pm and 2pm when the sun is at its highest and your smallest meal at night when the sun is going down. This of course is different if you have a class/performance at night.
I am a male dancer who has heard people talking about Low GI and High GI foods. What does this mean?
GI stands for Glycemic Index which is the ranking given to carbohydrates based on the immediate effect they have on blood sugar levels which effect the bodies energy levels. Foods with High GI ranking give the body a quick burst of energy but drop you quickly leaving you feeling tired. Foods with low GI ranking provide a slow release of energy with no sharp drop at the end. So try and eat foods with a low GI ranking for a steady release of energy during the day and especially before class.
I only dance for fun a couple of times a week and I love it. I really would love to be more flexible so I’m working on that. I have seen people stretching and bouncing while they do, so I started but was told this is a no no. Can you help?
I definitely don’t recommend this type of stretching, which is called Ballistic stretching, for dancers. To get more flexible we want to stretch the muscle then allow it to relax into the stretched position. Ballistic stretching doesn’t allow the muscle to relax as the constant bouncing stresses the muscle and can actually cause the musce to tighten by repeatedly activating the muscle stretch reflex.
Avoid this type of stretching at all cost, to improve your flexibilty, sit into the stretch and once you feel your muscles relax and adapt go a little deeper. Take your time don’t force to hard. Breathe and relax.

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