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ExerciseI have just joined the gym wanting to become generally fitter and to help me last longer in my class and in routines. What type of exercises would you suggest to do?
Firstly good on you for joining the gym you will notice an improvement in your performances and classes I assure you. To become generally fitter all over I would suggest, and this depends on how many days you are spending in the gym, that you do a session of cardio and a session of resistance work.
So on your cardio day start by spending 5 mins on 5 different machines and as you get fitter you can increase the time spent on each machine. Depending what equipment your gym has you should spend time on the Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Rower, Bike and Stepper. Of course the equipment in each gym is different so use what you have to work with and keep the program you do different, so one you don’t get bored and two your body is always being challenged. Once you feel your Cardio fitness increasing you can then increase your time on each machine.
Now with your resistance workout just keep your weight low and your reps high. I would recommend doing an all over body workout each time you go. Choose 1 exercise per body part and each time you attend a resistance session change the exercises so you don’t get bored and your body doesn’t get used to your routine.
Remember to always warm up and stretch after sessions at the gym. Especially after your resistance work out as you want your muscles to be elongated and beautiful not tight and lumpy.
If you would like me to write a program please contact me through kane@bodystylist.com.au my website and we can go from there.
Do you recommend any additional vitamin supplements, on top of a balanced diet? I heard that B12 injections help you recover faster?
First of all no I don’t recommend getting B12 shot. If you’re considering this I would encourage you to visit your GP to discuss this with them.
Although I don’t have a problem with you taking additional vitamins when you are eating a balanced diet it isn’t a necessity if you are getting all of your nutrients and vitamins from food. The benefit of taking a multivitamin or vitamin supplements daily is that it’s in expensive and assures that your body receives the nutrients it needs if your diet is inadequate. To make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet make sure you are eating the correct amount of food from the 5 main food groups, bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, milk and diary and fats and sugars.
Check out the food pyramid to make sure you are getting enough of each food group to make up a balanced diet. If you would like me to take a look at your diet please contact me through my kane@bodystylist.com.au and we can go from there.
I am a male dancer and unfortunately am naturally thin. I would like to get bigger and more toned. Will doing weights at the gym make me slower and heavier?
The answer to your question is no, doing weights at the gym will not make you slower and heavier. Of course you will put on weight once you start working out but this most certainly will be a positive. You will have a new found energy once you start to work out and once you start to see results you won’t only look stronger but you will be stronger. This will make partnering girls much easier and your body will cope more with the stress that as a dancer we put our bodies through. Remember that you won’t see results the first day you go to the gym it will take some time before your body starts to grow but don’t be disheartened keep pushing until you see those results.
Now don’t see your thinness as an unfortunate as most people would love to have that problem but if your frame is naturally thin you will need to work hard to put on the muscle. As well as working with weights at the gym you will need to look at your diet and make sure you are getting enough of the right food to help with increasing your size.
If you would like any help with your program please contact me at kane@bodystylist.com.au.
I am a female dancer and was wondering what is the best way to get a flat lower stomach? What foods and exercises are best for this?
So the first thing you have to know is that you can’t spot tone your stomach. To flatten out your stomach you must lower your entire body’s fat percentage. To achieve the results you are after you need to combine stomach exercises with a change in diet. There are no certain foods that will flatten your stomach but eating a well balanced diet will certainly help with your goals. Now there are many exercises that are performed with the lower abdominals in mind.
A few examples of these exercises are the Double Straight Legged Stretch, Chair Leg Lifts, Pelvic Thrusts, Plank, and Lying Scissors.
If you would like any more information on your diet or lower abdominal exercises you can contact me at kane@bodystylist.com.au.
I am a dancer wanting to improve on my fitness and have heard the word “core” thrown around a lot in dance. Does it just mean having strong abs as I hate doing crunches!!
First of all having strong abs doesn’t mean having a strong core. Your core actually consists of many muscles that run the entire length of the torso helping with stabilizing the spine and pelvis. To have a strong core all of these muscles need to be strengthened and stabilized and just doing crunches will not achieve this.
Pilates is a great form of exercise that strengthens your core or at your local gym there should be classes that are totally dedicated to strengthening your core. Introducing a stability ball into your workout can also help you to turn on your core and stabilize and strengthen it.
Now if none of these options are viable here a few exercise that you can do in the comfort of your lounge room. Plank-full and half and with leg lift, Chair knee raise, Back extensions on the floor, Bridges. These are just a few exercises that will help strengthen your core in your lounge room.
If you have more questions please contact me at kane@bodystylist.com.au.

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