Jack Lands In LA

Jack Lands In LA

Jack has just updated all his fans on his official website. Check out his first blog from LA below.
Part 1 of my overseas trip to LA & New York…
Hey everyone. I am writing to you all from LA at the moment. Well…where to start. Lets just say the trip had a bad start. I was meant to fly out of Brisbane on the 15th September, but as the plane went to take off it slammed on its breaks due to a faulty engine or something, so i spent 10 hours at the airport that day waiting for QANTAS to tell me when the flight would be, which ended up being moved to the next day – the 16th :S….So that was a bit frustrating, but hey…im thankful they didnt take off anyways otherwise I most likely wouldnt be here!
The flight on the 16th took off, thankfully, and got me to LA safely. I am staying in Universal City region of LA, which is not far from Millenium Dance Complex – where I will be doing my classes. Its pretty hot here at the moment, which is nice for a change(can’t wait to come home for summer). I did my first dance class at Millenium with Donyelle as the teacher. You may know here as the dancer from the american series who was in the top 4 when Benji won. It was a hip hop/jazz class. It focused mainly on stretching and technique etc instead of a routine. Which was good i guess, because it has been a very long time since i have done a technique class. So that was enjoyable.
Oh also, I am here with my 2 sisters. They are both dancers aswell, so its fun being able to experience this with them.
Today I put my tourist hat on and went to Universal Studios and did tours of all the movie and tv sets such as War of the Worlds, desperate housewives, jurassic park, fast and the furious, the grinch…etc. It was fun, didnt see any famous people unfortunately, but saw some cast and crew filming something on one of sets…but couldnt quite see what it was for.
I am still yet to learn my routine from Mia Michaels, that will happen in a few days time. I am very excited about that. I get 6 hours with her, and then i perform the routine the very next day at the Carnival Choreograhers Ball. So not alot of time really, but its possible.
Well im quite tired at the moment, could possibly still be jetlagged, so I am gonna leave ya all til my next update. Hope everyone is well back at home. I will speak to you all soon.
Jack 🙂

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