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Teagan Seaborn

They say ‘Watch out for the quiet ones’… Well Teagan Seaborn is one to watch out for! Having started dancing to build up her confidence, she has definitely exceeded that and more, being a part of The Dream Dance Company for its first two seasons, while also finding time to travel!

Teagan started out training in tap only before venturing out and learning other styles. She moved out of home at 15, taking the leap from Newcastle to Sydney to attend a performing arts high school before completing a year of Cert IV Full Time training. She takes inspiration from everywhere and especially from Justin Timberlake!!
Teagan is DanceLife’s Hot Talent Watch this week … This is what she had to say:
Q: Who are some of your most influential mentors?
“Growing up I really loved Justin Timberlake. He is someone that I definitely look up to just because he is so inspiring and does it all … I’d love to be on tour with him one day!
“I think also Marko Panzic has definitely been a big mentor in the past couple of years. Being in his company (which Teagan considers the highlight of her career so far) has really taught me a lot about both myself and the industry… he’s just been, as much of a mentor, a friend as well… It’s been really good to have him around.”
Q: Who would be on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

“Justin Timberlake, My Mum, Janet Jackson… I’d have to invite Marko because of all he has done for me. There are so many people I would invite… Tricia Miranda, Tony Tzar, Mariah Carey – I love her! And Katy Perry too!”

Q: What would be the theme song for your life at this moment?
Can’t Stop The Feeling by JT… Everything is about JT today!  It just makes me so happy, every time it comes on… it just makes me want to dance and gets me in a good mood.”
Q: What’s in store for Teagan Seaborn in 2017?

“I haven’t really got anything set in stone, I do a lot of teaching, which I really like. I really want to keep travelling… This past August I went to Greece for a little holiday and then I went to London to dance and train over there so I’d really love to go back there and train and just meet more people, learn new things… I just want to keep learning more and more and more.”
Q: What is your best piece of advice for our DanceLife Australia readers?
“Stay true to yourself, don’t be influenced by what other people say or do and ALWAYS believe in yourself!”

Teagan Seaborn has been dancing from when she was very tiny!! She grew up in Newcastle and just loved learning dance. She has always been really motivated to make a career out of dancing, so took the leap and moved out of home at only 15 years old! Teagan trained at Brent Street Performing Arts and after completing her HSC, did a year of Full Time with Brent Street.
Over the years of training Teagan has been able to learn so much from all the talented teachers and choreographers. These experiences have helped her to be very independent and have taught her what it takes to be part of the Dance World.
One of Teagan’s highlights of her career so far was being selected as part of the Dream Dance Company for it’s first two seasons. This popular commercial dance company has had a huge success and dancing alongside some of Australia’s best dancers has been the most exciting opportunity for Teagan.