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Growing up in Queensland before making the big move to Sydney to further her training, Alice Robinson really has come a long way!

Being a part of So You Think You Can Dance, taking up secondments with companies such as Sydney Dance Company and Australian Dance Theatre, as well as holding her own workshop at The Australian Dance Festival proves that she has a lot to offer… and she is not done yet!

Chris Duncan spoke to Alice, and this is what she had to tell DanceLife…

Q: What have you been up to lately?
I just got back from a trip around Europe, just travelling with dancing and normal travel as well… kind of doing heaps of workshops and working with some of my FAVOURITE dancers and choreographers and trying to learn as much as I can to bring back to Sydney and share with the community.

Q: What quote do you live by and why?
I have one from the previous season of The Dream Dance Company… ‘Find what makes you unique, at first you may be different but then you will be irreplaceable’… I think people think I’m a unique kind of mover so that kind of works for me, and hopefully that will inspire some little kid that thinks they move a bit differently to keep on going.

Q: What would be your one chosen super power?
I’ve always wanted to be able to swim under water forever… like a mermaid with the no breathing!

Q: What would you say is your strongest personal quality?
Knowing what I represent… having a strong sense of self, especially in the dance world, it resonates to what I produce in that kind of art world.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone aspiring to work in the industry?
I’d probably try and relate it back to that quote and tell them that! There are so many dancers out there, you’ve got to try and figure out what you represent and what you can give to the industry… If you can find your way to somehow push art in dance as well… not just representing technical skills but somehow try to push the art form that dance still is as well and finding how you can challenge that.

Q: What can DanceLife Australia readers expect to see from you in 2017? 
I’m super excited for The Dream Dance CompanyEnter The Vortex Tour which is going to be amazing… We’re hitting up Sydney and Perth and Bundaberg now… its going to be so exciting to visit all the cities and all the young dancers that are aspiring to enter that field as well!

I really want to keep myself creating and keep sharing with the community of Sydney… I’d love to travel as well again next year… just trying to keep the inspiration travelling through Australia because The Dream Dance Company has provided that opportunity for dancers, so now we have the responsibility to keep that going within our own artistry as well and not just within the company… that’s kind of something that now I’ve got that role within the company I can use that to inspire others outside of that as well…

Alice is an eclectic mix of contemporary dance with a unique flare. Alice has danced all of her life and has discovered more about herself and her movement through the influence of music and art. 
Alice was born in Bundaberg, Queensland and moved to Sydney to train in 2012 at Jason Winters Contemporary Course and Ev&Bow in 2013. 
In 2014 Alice was a part of So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s Top 100, and seconded with Australian Dance Theatre and Sydney Dance Company, as well as Larissa McGowan’s development in Adelaide. 
In 2015, Alice was Dance Captain with Opera Australia’s AIDA on the Harbour and toured with Lucy Doherty’s ONE – Dancing for Jane show. Alice is also a part of The Dream Dance Company, which toured GENESIS around Australia in 2015.
Alice performed at HSBCs’ 150th Gala Event in Hong Kong in December. Alice has recently been travelling throughout the UK and Europe; training and working with some of the top contemporary choreographers in the world. Alice worked on a creative development in London for an upcoming West End Musical with Emma Portner as well as training at world-renowned contemporary festival. Alice held a workshop at ‘The Australian Dance Festival’ in 2015 and 2016, which was an amazing way to share her movement with the upcoming youth of Australia. Alice strives to push movement boundaries through the exploration of textures, dynamics and natural release. 
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