Glory Box La Revoluciόn

Performers: Lily Paskas, Azaria Universe, Rockie Stone, Moira Finucane, Miss Chief, Holly Durant, Mama Alto, Clare St Clare. Photo Clare Hutchison.

For one month only. On their way to Cuba.

Then you won’t see Glory Box for years. This is La Revoluciόn you cannot miss.
Heading into its 11th year, the beloved Melbourne institution bursts forth anew again! Finucane & Smith proudly return from the 20th of August to 13th of September, 2015, with Glory Box La Revoluciόn; an adored Franken-Spectacular of erotically charged, electrifying acts that shove a fork into the toaster of cabaret, circus, burlesque, and performance art.
Bringing together some of Australia’s most unique and powerful female performers, Glory Box La Revoluciόn sizzles and spits, and turns Burlesque on its head. Literally. Serving up 11 new acts and 4 new artists, 2015 will herald the final Glory Box season before it struts out of Melbourne indefinitely.
At the dawn of their next decade and with their eyes on Paradise, Moira Finucane has conjured a massive black bird to take you to heaven and hell. Demon dancer Holly Durant is bringing freak-Bollywood-gyrations, sideshow siren Azaria Universe is swinging naked on a silver thread, singer Clare St Clare is slinking South of the Border, and special guests include beautiful Countertenor Diva Mama Alto, and circus’ most surreal aerial strongwoman, Rockie Stone. Rock ‘n’ roll, nudity, and wild abandon.
Those who’ve seen it come back every year.
Those who haven’t should prepare themselves to be charmed and alarmed like no other.
Moira Finucane explains, “It was the Glory Box that first introduced me to the passions of Latin America, took us to Tokyo and Slovenia, dumped/landed/threw me in front of galleries in jungles, artists and festivals in antique music halls and tents and massive city squares I never ever expected to see in my life, let alone be part of. The lid is open now, and new horizons are calling us every day. Glory Box is going off to adventure around the world, and she won’t be coming back home any time soon. So if you love her, come and kiss her bon voyage. If you haven’t seen her yet, come, you’ll fall in love.”
Internationally recognised as redefining the artform of Burlesque in Australia, powerhouses Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith have created a company that is now so in demand later this year will see Finucane & Smith become the first Australian company (ever) invited to perform at the Havana International Theatre Festival in Cuba, the first to collaborate with Slovenia’s Live Art Institute, and Finucane becomes the first ever appointed Creative Fellow of the National Gallery of Victoria.
With 10 International Theatre Awards, 5 Green Room Awards, and sell out seasons in the mix, the fact that a recent Pozible campaign run by the company had made its $10 000 target in less than 24 hours is a testament to how valued their work is. They are loved, revered, and unmissable.
“Underground and unforgettable, seductive and revolutionary, provocative and glorious” ★★★★★ – Farsa Magazine (Buenos Aires)
“From the sublime to subversive, the hot to the hilarious… outrageous and unforgettable” ★★★★★ – The Times (London)

Created and Directed by Jackie Smith and Moira Finucane

Starring Moira Finucane, Clare St Clare, Rockie Stone, Azaria Universe, Holly Durant, Mama Alto, and Miss Chief

20 August – 13 September, 2015

Thurs – Sat 7pm, Fri and Sat 9:30pm, Sun 5:30pm

Tickets: $25 – $98.88

Bookings: online at

Venus: Melba Spiegeltent – 35 Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne

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