GLEE3dFilmI started out as a Glee virgin and now I’m a Glee fan. How did this happen? In about 90 minutes.
I ventured along with my friend to the The Glee 3D Concert Movie at the Event Cinemas on George St. A crowd of eager teens and young adults were waiting to see the concert featuring the stars from the hit TV show. How could I have missed this phenomenon? Maybe I’m just getting old…
To get us in the mood for the night there were cheerleaders and dancers on the way in and we were offered everything from choc tops, lindt balls, glow sticks and popcorn. Once sat down a guy in the audience stood up and started singing the opening lines from ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey which seems to be a real theme song for this whole Glee thing, then all these dancers appeared down the front underneath the cinema screen and danced along to the song. I found this was all rather amusing and I was wondering how this concert was going to pan out but my inner cringing turned to outward grinning…
The concert was just so much fun! It really was just pure, positive clean fun! I felt like I was back in my mid teens watching a Spice Girls concert! This was like S Club 7 for a new era! It was honestly an absolute hoot! Glee as most people will be aware is a hit TV show about a Glee Club and features a cast of talented guys and girls. The show has touched the hearts of millions across the globe and inspires people to “embrace their inner Gleek”. It’s all about being individual, no matter who you are or where you come from.
The concert movie features many favourites from the series (which I haven’t seen) but as most of the songs are covers I was happy either way! I was “glee-fully” humming along to Slave for You, Silly Love Songs, Born This Way, New York, Don’t Rain on My Parade and many many more! The cast including all the famous characters (who were all new to me) like Blaine, Rachel, Finn, Brittany, Artie and Quinn really are superb, they must have scoured every corner of the states to find these incredible dancers and singers and it truly is a feast of fun!
I suppose the only annoying part of the concert movie was the spliced excerpts from Glee tragics. These fans really take Glee mania to another level, to them Glee is almost like visiting a therapist. The love for Glee and its characters are like some sort of religion that allows these people to feel at ease with their lives and allows them to ‘fit in’ with society through what they’ve learnt and felt from the characters stories in the show…I just hope they fully realize…that, umm, Glee and the characters are…fictional! Anyway, if it helps them on their journey then go them!
I absolutely recommend you check this movie out if you want a fun, sing along night out. It’s completely G-Rated and just so positive and uplifting you can’t really go wrong. It’s honestly just a bunch of young people having a jolly old time! Some people may find it’s more cheese and less glee but if you don’t take it too seriously and remind yourself of just how much fun it is to sing and dance, you’ll have a lot of fun with Glee 3D
GLEE 3D is out today in selected cinemas!
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