GIVE ME THE NEWSIf you all ate as much as I did over Easter your 2kgs heavier and the thought of eating anything today makes you ill… Ah well… what are long weekends for if you can’t eat as much as you like. Talking about food I’m just about to post our first video blog with Dance Nutritionist Mia Ballenden from Body Fusion. Over the next few months Mia will be covering a range of different nutritional topics that are specific for dancers and performers. You’ll want to check these out for sure as I found sitting with her extremely interesting. I’ll need to re watch the first blog after my over indulgent weekend.
Another first for DanceLife is our new video blog entitled ‘On The Couch With Christine’. Christine Denny is the founder of Tapatakoz ( and has been a part of the Australian dance world for many years now. We filmed her first segment with Dynamo Dancer now Choreographer Nathan Wright. Keep your eyes open for this towards the end of the week. It was a very interesting interview and Nathan gives some great pieces of advice as well as talks about how big musicals are put together and what his role has been as a dancer and choreographer.
Tonight is our first ‘A Night With…’ event. We are lucky enough to have Kelley Abbey as our first guest. I’ll post some photos from the night plus some key points we covered later this week.
Carnival is on Thursday night. Choreographers include Tony Czar, Jian Pierre-Louis & Carey Ysais from LA and Jason Winters, Marko Panzic, Sisqo, Travers Ross, J Town, Xtian Patterson, Kylie Vassallo, Jess T, Bobby and Justin Rive, Alicia Kasih, Andrew Sears, Sarah K, Marina Tamayo, Aaron John, Melanie Hitchcock, Rosa Agius, Sean Robinson, Stephen Tannos & Hilton Denis and Caroline (“Leena”) Wall & Geza Szanto. That was a mouth full. This will be an awesome night and hope you can all make it. Check out for more details. get yourself a $5 discount by sending an email to and mention you saw the blog on DanceLife.
DanceLife is currently seeking Sales/Telemarketing Representatives with a background in dance/entertainment business and experience in sales to join the DanceLife Team. The position will see you maintaining existing client accounts while establishing new business through building new relationships. Most of your time will be spent on the telephone speaking to potential clients with the occasional meeting when requested. More details here
Have a great week and keep checking back here for more info all about DANCE!
Clint & Team DanceLife