Produced by Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Merrigong Theatre Co and Richard Jordan Productions
Created and Directed by GQ and JQ

Funk It Up About Nothin’ is a feisty, urban take on a story as old skool as love itself. Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s cast of international hip hop stars hit the stage in an audacious, hilarious, outrageous hip-hoptation of the Bard’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing – an acclaimed production that’s sure to be a highlight of CarriageWorks’ massive annual festival of hip hop culture: PLATFORM HIP HOP FESTIVAL.
Created by Chicago’s Q Brothers, Funk It Up About Nothin’ has been causing an international ruckus since it opened in America in 2008, going on to be a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning awards and turning heads.
Complete with live DJ, B*Boys and girls, MC’s and divas, Funk It Up About Nothin’ is a rom-com street party with bangin’ bass, a passionate re-take on a classic tale, a rap-tastic celebration of language and laughter, and an impressive showcase of international hip-hop talent.
Straight from the streets of Chicago, the Q Brothers bring you an unconventional twist on Shakespeare’s original play: Hip hop superstars MC Don Pedro and his crew return from a record breaking hip hop tour and end up hangin’ out at the mansion of wealthy Leonato. Don Pedro quickly falls for Leonato’s beautiful daughter, Hero – it’s love at first sight. MC Benedick and Lady B engage in a battle of wits and swear off love, while the rest of the crew try to convince them otherwise. Meanwhile, Don Pedro’s bastard brother Don John schemes to mess with their minds, causing a fuss and funkin’ it up!
As you’d expect, the story does contain some language and adult themes, but not more than any hip hop film clip worth its salt. Whether you’re looking for a great night of hip hop or a new way to think about Shakespeare, Funk It Up About Nothin’ delivers an intense, high energy story like no other.
FUNK IT UP ABOUT NOTHIN’ Sydney season presented by CarriageWorks’ Platform Hip Hop Festival
DATES 16 – 26 March 2011
TICKETS Adult $25, Concession $19.50, Group 5+ $22, School Groups $15 + booking fee.
VENUE Bay 20, CarriageWorks 245 Wilson St Eveleigh
BOOKINGS or Ticketmaster 1300 723 038

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