Daniel GarofaliDanceLife recently caught up with Daniel Garofali while he’s in NYC. We talked to Daniel about going from a dancer to successful dancer. Here is what he had to say…
1.       You started your career as a dancer, how did you make the transition into modelling?
I was actually working as a Dancer at the time when i was scouted for modelling, specifically for Aussiebum, in fact. After a gig, i got a knock on the dressing room door from a colleague saying that someone wanted to speak to me. The next thing i know i was shooting for the iconic australian label and then things really started to grow from there.

2.       You have modelled for brands including Adidas, Speedo and AussieBum. What do you believe makes you so employable?

I think the fact that i am hard-working and very easy-going. Nothing is a problem onset or behind the scenes. I never go into a job thinking it is about me, even when it’s just me in the shots. Every booking requires lots of work from a lot of different people and i respect that.
3.       You have raised your profile quite heavily through the use of social media and your website. What is your number one tip for self promotion?
I have definitely created a world that social media users can join and interact with. Ever since my modelling took off, including 2010 Cleo Bachelor of the Year, there has been interest from fans all over the world. The online medium was a place where they could enjoy my work from whenever they are and get to know me.
My tip is to love what you do and for the right reasons. People see right through it otherwise.
4.       Working out and eating well must play a huge part in your life. How did you kick start the process to achieving your ideal body?
The combination of eating well and working out should be a part of everyones lives, especially in this industry. I naturally love good food and exercising, like most dancers, so its not hard for me. We grew up training for hours and then when you book gigs, you rehearse for hours. The hardest thing was always remembering or finding the time to eat.
5.       You’ve recently produced a calendar and behind the scenes DVD which has just been released. What made you decide to embark on this project?
It all started because I got a lot of tweets and fan comments asking for a 2011 calendar. I wasn’t too into it back then, I was doing other stuff and I suppose they were a bit disappointed. So when messages emerged this year about doing one for next year, I thought I should give them something back, they’ve been so supportive of me and I really wanted to contribute to a worthy cause as well. Now, we have created a product that i am very proud of and cant wait to share.
6.       50% of profits made from the calendar go to KIVA. Tell us about your association with this charity?
Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. It’s like a pay-it-forward idea. It gives all types of people from all over the world loans in any capacity. It can be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand to start up a business. Once it’s running, they pay the loan back and it can be re-invested in someone else who needs the money to help their community in another part of the world.
7.       You have just moved to NYC. What triggered this move and what are your plans there?
At the end of 2010, after spending a month in the US undertaking meetings with high-profile agents and working with world- class photographers, I ended up signing with world famous Modelling agency Wilhelmina Models. As a teenager, the offices of Wilhelmina Models were simply the setting for a MTV reality show and then all of a sudden i am sitting in the same offices signing my very own contract. It is a very exciting time and i plan just to make the most of it. Not everyone gets this opportunity.
Although my main focus is modelling at the moment, i still want to Dance. Its tough to juggle both but its worth it here in the US. I was lucky enough to meet Beyonce after I auditioned for her. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in Australia.
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