Based in the Bega valley shire, this youth performance company has established a reputation for creating adventurous, energetic theatre with a flair for entertaining.
The company, consisting of regional NSW youth artists, creates high quality original performances locally each year and tours bi-annually to metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong. Previously seen at Riverside with Who will come to the Rescue? and Dictionary of Habitats, fLing Physical Theatre will take you on an exhilarating ride that swirls you through an imaginary world like no other. Suitable for the entire family.
SOL’S WAY follows the journey of a small group of young people as they become caught in a time warp where dream and reality blur. Their path takes unusual twists and tests relationships as they find themselves in unfamiliar places. The ordinary world becomes elastic and unpredictable. Are these implications of an untimely accident or simply a dream?
Rapid transformations swirl the players into different events and seemingly different times.
Underpinning the journey of the performers in Sol’s Way lie several questions: How do we remember events, what do we choose to tell and what remains untold? Is there a right way, a true story and is this particular group of people real and to be trusted?
Under the direction of Lee Pemberton, and featuring the choreography of Don Asker and Jane Mortiss, Sol’s Way delivers high-energy physical theatre and features a rich diversity of sounds from the Hilltop Hoods, Lorenna McKennitt and R.L. Burnside along with stimulating projected imagery. The brilliant cast of Sol’s Way is made up of ten fLiNG Physical Theatre company members including: Karina Gall, Ariane LloydPity, Ryl Harris, Abbey Turton, Jared Mizon, Matthew Hyde, Connor Llewellyn, Olivia McPherson, Erin McMahon and Kyall Shanks
Ideal for the whole family, this is one not to be missed!
SOL’S WAY – featuring fLING Physical Theatre
Wed 21, Thur 22 and 23 Oct 8pm
Thu 22 & Fri 23 at 12.30pm
Riverside Theatre
Cnr Church and Market Sts, Parramatta
$20/$15 conc BOOKINGS (02) 8839 3399
On-line: www.riversideparramatta.com.au

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