Unsuspecting sunbathers on Sydney’s Bondi Beach were surprised the other week when 200 beachgoers picked up their towels and suddenly started dancing.
The dancers were part of a flash mob – a large group of people who meet in a public place and perform a routine for a very short period of time before pretending like nothing happened.
The surprise flash mob performance, dubbed “Towel Surfing”, is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.
It began with a man in red bathers putting a stereo on the ground, turning up the volume and dancing. Others began joining in at staggered intervals before all 250 “flash mobbers” were kicking up the sand.
The dance concluded with a “wipe out” before everyone fell back onto their towels.
It was performed as part of a promotion for the launch of a new video camera.
Other famous flash mob routines include the 2006 “silent disco”, where thousands of people across various London Underground train stations danced to their own portable music players.
Some 4000 people were reported to have gathered at London Victoria station.
Source: Nine News

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