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You know those performers who just shine?
I definitely notice them.    They glow and let their Joy out all over the place.  They look alive and happy and I can’t help but feel happy with them too!
There are a few of those performers who GET that their natural JOY or the reason why they perform is the most important thing they need to convey to an audience.  They know that is their MAIN ROLE!
They know that the act of performing is not just for their own self-gratitude but it is to connect and move an audience with them too!
Then there are those who are so focused on the technicalities of things they almost look like robots.
They are doing the movement the exact way it has been taught to them without tapping into the joy of what they are doing.  They are singing with the most outstanding technique or acting as they have been instructed but it’s just…. BLAH.
Boring.  I’d rather be having a coffee outside then watching another second of some factory churned out performer.
They are going through the technical motions of it all, doing it the way they have been taught, being “Good Students” BUT they don’t SHINE.
There are, unfortunately a lot of schools of thought out there that are so technically based.  If you feel you are too involved in the technical side of your performance here are 2 easy steps you can do right now to get more into the flow.
Take judgment out of your performance and BE IN THE MOMENT.  Most performances look too staged or robotic because there is a lack of trust in letting go and being in the FLOW state.
Being present is one of the great gifts you can give yourself and the audience and it can be easily achieved by saying these words to yourself:
“I completely and utterly trust in myself now and in this moment.  I love myself for everything I am right now, and everything that I am not”


Get really clear on WHY you are doing it.
Why are you performing today?  What do you want to achieve in class? Does it feel good? Do you enjoy telling the story right now?  Do you know what the story is?

If you’ve already got your technique then start to work on allowing your bliss to come out to play too.  It’s a crazy thing to get so stuck technically and not engage in the glory of the arts by letting your bliss shine through.

Most of the time you’ll find your answer is because you enjoy it.  Or have a gift or are talented and think and feel you should do it.  Other times your real reasons will hang under the “because I’m not good at anything else or because my parents make me” stories.  Whatever story you are telling yourself DROP it, if it’s not serving you.    Underneath us ALL, creative industry people, corporates, stay at home mums or whoever, is our creative spirit and it requires exposure every so often.  Get it out!
Focus on the story you are telling.
The greatest sales people, leaders, performers engage by being good storytellers. Whether it’s with your words, tone or body, you need to focus on the message rather than the structure or the grammar.
Who are you?
What character are you playing?
What imaginary clothing do you have on?
I approve in having strong and correct technique.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think that the reason why we are creative, however, is to achieve inspiration and not perfection.
We have been given this mind for many more purposes than to worry about our technique, so embrace it and use these 3 easy steps to get you into the flow whenever you feel the robot reaction is getting too strong!
I want to hear from you…

  1. What easy technique do you use to get into the flow of your performance that I haven’t mentioned here?
  2. Post your answer below in the comments or on the Facebook page “Bex Grennan-Artists Adviser”

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Love lots
Bex xoxoxo

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