Do You Have a Funny Dance Story?

Hamish & Andy’s Great Story Project

Funny and True Dance Tales

Radio and TV comedic hosts Hamish Blake & Andy Lee are on the hunt for funny and true tales from all over Australia!
The stories could be about disastrous holidays, cases of mistaken identity, disasters on the job, a lie that went way too far, crazy feats done for love – or anything in between really, as long as it’s true and brings a laugh. In particular, they reckon the dance community would have some great tales and would love to hear from you about them.
The story and the story teller will be involved in a new Hamish & Andy currently in development, so you need to be prepared to broadcasted.  It will be a lot of fun!
Visit their website for more information and to tell your story –

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One thought on “Do You Have a Funny Dance Story?”

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    Michelle Heine says:

    We had a peeping tom at the studio so I asked teacher to not react the next time, carry on with class and get one of the kids to come and call me as I was teaching upstairs. I was teaching a young lad tap upstairs and told him to just wait while I went outside to try and catch the peeping Tom (he later went onto become a Tap Dog). So I am tip-toeing outside trying to be quiet so I don’t alert the peeping Tom when I hear ting ting ting noise behind me. I stop – and listen but nothing – so I tip-toe again and I hear the same ting ting ting noise behind me. I turn around and there is this young lad, with his tap shoes on, trying to be quiet, tip-toeing behind me to protect me against the peeing Tom. It was hilarious as I was trying to be so quiet and he has rather large feet and was making so much noise in his tap shoes. Needless to say we never caught the peeping Tom! But I love to retell this story.

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