DISNEY CHANNEL - WHAT A LIFEMy name is Chloe and I am a producer with the Disney Channel – Australia and New Zealand, based in Sydney.
Disney Channel produces a short form series called ‘What a Life!’ – a 3 minute series based on a kid’s perspective of their parents’ job. ‘What a Life!’ seeks out some of the most interesting, amazing and unusual jobs throughout Australia & New Zealand, and showcases them through the eyes of those kids who watch their parents/siblings and relations live in those worlds every day. We have already filmed over 10 episodes including parents who work as a dolphin guide, radio DJ, Mig Jet pilot and a grandfather who cage dives with great white sharks… just to name a few!
The series is like a ‘day in the life of’, with the child telling us about their parents job and showing us around. We are on the hunt for new stories and think one involving dance (any style, but urban dance or ballroom might be best) could make for a pretty great episode! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for families who might be interested – essentially bright, quirky, enthusiastic, charismatic kids who have a parent/grandparent involved as a choreographer / performer? A entire family involved in dance would be ideal!
We are looking for children or siblings aged between 10-15, girls or boys. Ultimately the child will be telling the story to camera so we are looking for confident and chatty kids – I have attached an episode on this email as a reference.
The filming takes two full days but we understand everyone still has their jobs to do and are always mindful of that. We only have a small crew of 1 x cameraman, 1 x soundman, a producer and a coordinator so we will not be in the way too much.
If you know someone who might be interested or suitable, please let me know!
I should let you know up front that unfortunately there is no payment involved. We of course cover all expenses for the shoot but we can’t actually pay the child for their performance. We do indeed choose kids who we hope will be great on screen but as they are not professional actors or presenters, we find the experience in itself is payment enough for a 10-15 year old. The kids always have a lot of fun and get a great insight into the way television production works – and they also receive DVD copies of their episodes and on-air dates and times so they can watch it go to air on Disney Channel.
Please contact me and let me know if you think this looks like a possible venture – thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Email: chloe.m.cassidy.-ND@disney.com

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    Hi my names Courtney I’m 11 years old and I would love to know how to get in my dad is an ambulance officer and is a team leader of his work he directs all the ambulances to we’re they need to be. He also has to deal with a lot of very bad accidents

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    Do you think that my cousin being a AFL player is a good one to try out for?

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