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Contact Information
Name: Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts
187 Carr Place, Leederville, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 6007
AUDITIONS: November to December 2018 at the Leederville Campus
Set yourself apart with WA’s longest established, nationally accredited full-time training institution. Principal Academy graduates have forged successful careers both nationally and internationally in musical theatre, cruise ships, resort parks, film and television.

Apply now at and join our graduates who are travelling the world fulfilling their dreams. Our alumni success is the biggest indicator of our incredible training standard; recent graduates include “13 Reasons Why” star Katherine Langford, “Cat Skin” Isaac Money, Celebrity Cruises Dance Captain Brooke Barlow and Disneyland Paris Dancer Siobhan Richards.

Principal Academy courses are tailored to provide students with the technical and performance skills necessary to reach their full potential. Students have the option to major in dance, musical theatre or acting, choosing a path that builds on existing abilities. Courses are designed to ultimately strengthen all three disciplines to produce true ‘triple-threat’ performers. A comprehensive range of units are available within the structure of each course, creating highly skilled and versatile graduates, armed with a valuable competitive advantage when entering the industry.

SUBJECTS: Students enhance and refine performance technique through an intensive curriculum that focuses on dance technique, musical theatre, acting techniques, improvisation, vocal skills & performance. Principal Academy understands that the modern performing arts industry demands highly versatile and adaptable artists. Being skilled in multiple areas increases career opportunities and we aim to provide students with every advantage when it comes to securing valuable and rewarding employment.
TEACHERS: Principal Academy students receive the benefits of world-class training from our exceptional teaching faculty. Our trainers have extensive careers performing at the highest national and international levels in many areas of the performing arts; they also maintain an active involvement in the industry both locally and abroad giving them valuable insights into current industry demands. In addition, visiting guest artists conduct master classes, providing students not only with the benefit of their highly developed skills, but also sharing accurate and up to date information about the realities of life as professional performers and the range of work opportunities students will encounter once they complete their training.

"My training at PAD completely prepared me for the tough mental and physical challenges of my contract. My body was accustomed to the rigorous demand required for the production shows and I had learnt how to condition myself to be able to maintain this through out the nine months. I am so thankful for my time at PAD and I would not be where I am today without the training and support I received." – Kaitlyn Barnard, Dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines

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