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Name: Brent Street Academy

Brent Street Academy (BSA) is a Full-Time Pre-Professionals’ Program for school-aged students who display exceptional talent in the performing arts combined with a commitment to completing Year 12. These students are more than just talented; they have passion, drive and a high level of engagement in their performing arts training.

BSA students will participate in performance events throughout each year and are also expected to take part in eisteddfods and performances as part of the wider Brent Street performing arts programs. The Creative & Managing director Lucas Newland, and his artistic team will mentor BSA students and advise which classes should be taken to enhance the learning and development of a well-rounded performing artist. Most students will undertake classes at least 2 afternoons/evenings each week and on Saturday. Attendance at these classes is monitored and forms part of the individual timetable for BSA students. BSA will be taking enrolments for students from Years 10-12 only. All academic studies will be done through Cairns School of Distance Education using laptops, online lessons and liaising with teachers on a regular basis.

Dance across all genres (commercial & theatre jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical) and a strong foundation in singing, vocal technique, repertoire, acting and stage skills. These intense practical subjects are paired with theoretical, professional development and stage-craft classes which focus on career preparation & planning and building resilience as a performer. These subjects include nutrition & anatomy, performance skills, body conditioning, choreography, improvisation, expressive performance skills, ensemble & solo repertoire, partnering & musicality.

Acceptance is by audition only. Brent Street Academy only takes enrolment into Years 10, 11 & 12. All applicants should have previous training in either dance, singing or acting and show potential to work on all genres

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