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Contact Information
Name: Bonnie Curtis Projects
First Name: Bonnie
Last Name: Curtis

We’re an award-winning, internationally touring company who creates live, interactive performances.

We do this using a unique blend of dance, theatre, comedy and performance arts to explore darker elements of our human existence.

We tackle tough topics that encourage audiences to question their views on humanity and modern society.

Topics such as violence against women, sexism, body image, celebrity culture, social norms, mental health, gender and more.

We create a safe and inclusive culture for dancers and students to challenge themselves in our open dance class and workshop program.

Bonnie Curtis Projects is based in Australia.

We offer both in-person and online classes. Check them out here:

Our online students receive the same attention as our in-person classes - but at a convenient time.

BCP teachers actively demonstrate and teach the lesson so students can see what there is to do.

Our students benefit from instruction in many ways to make it easy to understand at different levels.

We love to hear about our students' experiences in our classes, we chat with our students and listen to their feedback.

To learn more about our classes, visit our website.


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