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Contact Information
Name: Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE)
Phone: 1 300 302 867
10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia 2127

Bachelor of Dance Education: A specialist professional qualification, unique in Australia in as it provides the knowledge and skills to become a qualified Dance teacher and a Physical and Health Education teacher. The degree develops in each student the requisite pedagogical knowledge and understanding to be an effective classroom ready teacher. Students will be provided with school based practical experiences throughout their degree.

Bachelor of Dance Practice: A specialised degree designed to produce graduates who are able to work in a range of capacities in dance development and the dance industry. The Bachelor of Dance Practice provides students with the skills and knowledge required to be leaders within the dance industry.

Bachelor of Health Science (Dance): Designed to enhance a professional’s understanding of synergies between dance and health science and facilitates work in both public and private organisations across a range of occupations. Given the main instrument in dance is the human body, students will learn how to apply scientific principles to dance movements, and develop a greater understanding of dance techniques and the risks associated with improper execution.

Course Fees: FEE-HELP Approved. Payment Plans and Upfront payment available.

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