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Contact Information
Name: Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE)
10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia 2127

Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE)

Courses or Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Dance Practice
  • Bachelor of Dance Education
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Dance)

Audition Date/s and Key Dates:

  • Semester 1, March 9th
  • Final Audition Date for Semester 1: February 11th

The Bachelor of Dance Practice provides students with the skills and knowledge required to be leaders within the dance industry and within a wide range of community groups, in roles such as teachers, facilitators, and administrators.

The Bachelor of Dance Education is a four-year full-time specialist professional qualification and is unique in Australia in that it provides the knowledge and skills to become qualified as a Dance teacher and a Physical and Health Education teacher.

The Bachelor of Health Science (Dance) develops students understanding of synergies between dance and health science to facilitate work in public and private organisations across a range of occupations

For course subjects please refer to course brochures found on the ACPE website.

Diane Grant: Head of Department, Education and Dance

Nalina Wait: Lecturer

“I love dancing and science, but I’d never considered that I might be able to continue them together at university” - Kirby MacDonald Bachelor of Health Science (Dance) Graduate and 2019 ACPE College Medallist

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