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Name: Empowerdance

World Class Dance Education for Schools & Dance Studios

National Qualifications For You To Deliver.

Build your Profile, Boost your Profit & Upgrade your Students' Pathways Now

All Empowerdance Certificate courses in Dance will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to demonstrate a range of technical skills in a solo and group dance performances. We offer Certificate II, III & IV in Dance.

In addition students will:
Demonstrate understanding of a broad dance creation and performance knowledge base incorporating some theoretical dance concepts
Apply creative and technical solutions to a defined range of unpredictable dance performance related problems
Identify and apply dance skills and knowledge to a wide variety of dance performance contexts with depth in some dance specific areas
Identify, analyse and evaluate information relevant to the creative and performing arts industry, specifically dance, from a variety of sources
Take responsibility for their own creative and technical dance performance in relation to specified quality standards
Take limited responsibility for the quantity and quality of the dance performance of others

Contact us today to find out how Empowerdance courses can boost your retention and credibility.

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