Deone – Her Broadway Dream

Deone - Her Broadway DreamSince the age of 5, Deone Zanotto has had a dream of being a star on Broadway. She started dancing at age 3 where she developed a taste for the performing arts. At 9 she joined Di- Salvatore Dance Academy and later made the big move to Sydney to do the Brent Street performing arts course. After graduating, her first break into the industry was playing the role of ‘Anybody’s’ in West Side Story. Following that was a string of amazing musicals like Chicago, where she understudied and performed the role of ‘Velma Kelly’, the role of ‘Carmen’ in FAME, ‘Estelle’ in The Full Monty, ‘Rusty’ in Footloose and performing and recording the lead vocals for the world premiere of Dirty Dancing.
Deone met her gorgeous fiancé Adam-Jon Fiorentino when they were performing in Footloose in Sydney. After the show wrapped up they were off to London to explore the world in terms of performing. The West End was there next calling when Deone started We Will Rock You and Adam played the lead role of ‘Tony’ in Saturday Night Fever. Adam was also in the tv hit ‘In The City’ and will soon be appearing as the lead role of ‘Bert’ in Mary Poppins on Broadway.
Needless to say London was a hit for them both but Deone still had a dream of the US. Deone got a call from her mum one day telling her she had a letter from the Kentucky Consular Centre, she new straight away that she had won the Green Card Lottery. In just 3 weeks they were packed and moved out of their London flat as New York was calling.
Starting all over again, finding a home, agents etc, wasn’t easy but it didn’t matter as she was living her childhood dream. After a few weeks settling in Deone read an audition in the paper for A Chorus Line. This was the ultimate musical for a ‘triple threat’ like herself and a dream come true performing on Broadway. The show is the toast of revivals on Broadway and it had been nominated for Best Musical Revival at the Tony Awards. It had been opened since 2006 and they were looking after replacement understudies. After auditioning through several call backs with hundreds of girls Deone got the call she had been waiting for- Broadway!
Deone went on to do the show for nearly a year and understudying 4 roles. She says the cast was amazing and really like family by the end. The show has just closed over there so we had the pleasure of a visit back to Sydney a week ago. I can’t wait to follow both Adam and Deone as they have truly been a huge Australian success both on the West End and Broadway.
As my dear friend, I’m so very proud to tell her story as it just shows us all with true dreams, determination, hard work and persistence we can all fulfil our dreams.
Written By Kate Wormald