DanceLife's Online Guide To Dance & Performing Arts Courses 2012

DanceLifeOnlineGuide2012Australia’s Bible of Dance and Musical Theatre DanceLife is again bringing you the number one resource for dance and performing arts students ‘DanceLife’s Online Guide To Dance and Performing Arts Courses 2012’. The guide has been put together for the students that want a career in the dance and entertainment industry.
Please find below a link for DanceLife’s Online Guide To Dance & Performing Arts Courses 2012. In this guide you will find a large amount of information regarding dance and performing arts courses being offered throughout Australia in 2012.
Whether you are about to complete your final year at high school or are thinking about options available for when you leave school, our guide will give you what you need to make that all important decision.
A number of dance professionals in Australia have written articles for DanceLife’s Guide including:

  • Selecting The Right Place For You – Nathan M Wright
  • Is Fulltime Right For Everyone? The Pros & Cons – PJ Clarke
  • The Real Deal – Josh Horner
  • Is Fulltime For Me – Dale Pope
  • Create The Fulltime Experience you Want – Tia Jordan
  • Nutritional Guide To Full Time – Mia Ballenden
  • Dancing – It’s More Than hard Work – Jeff Withers

The Guide gives you the opportunity to understand further about the ins and the outs of what each course entails. There is nothing worse than unexpected surprises especially when they enrol for one thing and get another. In saying that it’s all about being open to new things. The Australian Entertainment Industry is blooming but competition is fierce as there is an abundance of talented performers out there. Versatility is the key for anyone that wants to be continually working in the industry.
You can view the guide as an online magazine below or by CLICKING HERE or download the guide HERE.

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