CONNECT Boys Dance in Melbourne

CONNECT 2019 | Boys Only Dance Event

Melbourne March 24 & Sydney June 23

Now in its fourth year, CONNECT will hold its first ‘Boys Only’ dance convention in Melbourne on Sunday 24th March with a Sydney event on Sunday 23rd June.

CONNECT is a unique event designed to bring together male dance students, families, male dancers, dance teachers, dance studio owners and potential male students – all in a safe space where dance and performance is celebrated and encouraged at all levels.

The CONNECT vision is to grow larger communities to support boys, to create an environment of support, mentoring, inspiration and fun, to bring together dance educators and dance professionals to discuss boys dance, to celebrate the male dance community, and to normalise boys dance.

CONNECT began in 2016 –  created by Tanya Carne –  and has evolved into the format of a collaborative workshops, activities, discussions and a CELEBRATE showcase. CONNECT’s social approach includes male mentors and ambassadors to welcome, inform and support our male attendees.

Past guest artists have included Stephen Tannos, James Barry, BJ Rorke, Dayton Tavares and Jordan Grant.

Melbourne workshops will feature guest artists Jack May (Hip Hop) & Jason Teasdale (Contemporary Fusion)

CONNECT Melbourne will be held on Sunday March 24th beginning at 11am for the welcome session followed by 2x 40min (with short breaks in between) at 12noon. There will be a lunch break at 1:15-2pm and boys are welcome to take lunch and eat it there. The last workshop session is at 2pm to 3:30pm for shared activities, discussions, Q&A, and photos. There is then a break until 5pm when the CELEBRATE showcase starts and will finish around 7pm.

The CELEBRATE showcase is for everyone and a celebration of male dancers. The show will include male dance performances from all genres, soloists to group performances, and all age and ability levels. The application to perform will be published, posted and emailed over the next week and is open to all boys – all ability levels and genres. Please get in touch with us if you would like to perform. Performers do not need a ticket for the CELEBRATE showcase but anyone attending to watch them will.

CONNECT is not a competition, convention or promotional event, but a chance to connect with each other through dancing, talking, listening, supporting, and inspiring. CONNECT is not focused on any particular genre for the event and encourage boys across genres to participate.

Tickets are now on sale and available here There are 2 types of tickets and 2 package deals for the workshop. Participant is for the boys – the workshop and activities. Observer is for anyone wanting to accompany the male participants to watch and/or supervise. The CELEBRATE showcase tickets are general admission tickets. The packages are discounted and for male participants include workshops/activities and a CELEBRATE showcase ticket, and for observers workshop/activities watching and a CELEBRATE showcase ticket.

Event creator Tanya Carne has extensive experience teaching boys, both at her studio Dance Action and primary schools, teaching over 130 boys per week in her programs. Tanya is a passionate advocate for boys and dance, actively aiming to normalise boys dance, creating strong supportive cultures both in the studio and wider community, and creating opportunities for connection, support and inspiration. CONNECT 2016 was personally funded by Tanya Carne. In 2017 the event received support from Trish Denzel and Little Ballerinas and in 2018 support from Dancesurance. CONNECT relies on funding to continue the event and to reach more boys. The Go Fund Me page is here

For more info contact Tanya via email







CONNECT Boys Dance Event

MELBOURNE – Sunday 24th March 2019
Hawthorn Arts Centre, 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
11am – Welcome, socialise, warm up.
11:45am – Workshops. Jack May (Hip Hop) & Jason Teasdale (Contemporary Fusion) – split into junior and senior groups.
1:15pm – Lunch, chats, Q&A, photos.
2:15-3:30pm – Demos, freestyle, performances and wrap up.
Parking is on site and in surrounding streets. The venue is close to public transport.


SYDNEY – Sunday 23rd June 2019
Norths Club Auditorium, 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray


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